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I've seen most bloggers participating in this lately, but I think it originally came from Meet Me at Mike's. So here goes nothing.

Making: Wedding crafts galore! I recently made cute little "Mr. & Mrs." signs for the back of our sweetheart table bench, advice cards, and I am about to start putting together program fans that my mom designed (thank GOD for her).
Cooking: Anything and everything that we can get from our garden. Right now we have an abundance of spinach, green onions, and chives. Soon we should have some zucchini, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, basil, and tomatoes!
Drinking: LOTS OF WATER. Trying to limit my intake of anything else as I know I will probably over-indulge a little with the wedding coming up.
Reading: Love & Respect. If any book will wreck your heart, this is the one.
Wanting: To keep my eyes focused on God during these last few days before the wedding.
Looking: Forward to marrying my best friend.
Playing: The Civil War's station on Pandora ERRRRR DAY.
Wasting: lots of time watching Gossip Girl and Scandal. Oh Netflix.
Sewing: HA! Good one, good one.
Wishing: for everyone's safe travels as they fly out for the wedding.
Enjoying: these last few days of being an engaged lady.
Waiting: to see what the weather will be like the day of our big day.
Liking: the fact that SO many people are calling and texting me asking how they can be praying and what they can do to help.
Wondering: what it will be like to walk down the aisle and marry the man of my dreams.
Loving: God's faithfulness.
Hoping: to feel God's presence continually throughout my wedding day.
Marvelling: at how much more I love my fiance than I even did a year ago when we first got engaged.
Needing: to remember that my wedding isn't about me and M, it's about glorifying God.
Smelling: all the blooming Missouri flowers!
Wearing: workout clothes, everyday I swear.
Following: Not a whole lot because let's be real, my attention span right now is nonexistent.
Noticing: how selfish I am sometimes.
Knowing: that despite my selfishness I am loved.
Thinking: how ready I am to see all of my friends and family and to meet M's side of the family finally.
Feeling: every emotion possible!!!!
Bookmarking: just about every blog post on how to make changing my last name after the wedding easier.
Opening: SO MANY WEDDING GIFTS. Gosh our friends and family are totally spoiling us!
Giggling: at myself- I am ridiculous.

Pretty much all of my taking stock items are about the wedding and I'm not even sorry! Happy Thursday!

Treasure Tromp


  1. Love these posts!!! I always look forward to reading them! :)

  2. This is such a fun post. I laughed out loud at my desk at the sewing part. Me too girl, me too!

  3. Like, I shouldn't be allowed to be a wife or a blogger hahahaha ;)

  4. Hope @ Hope in a BlogJune 12, 2014 at 9:19 AM

    Such a cute post :)!! Xxxx.

  5. I love so many of those! Yeah haha the sewing one would be the same for me! Kevin doesn't understand why I don't know how to...ha! And YAY!!! You're reading Love & Respect...best marriage book ever! The Civil Wars - awesome. Changing your name - ugh. So much work. But you can do it! I'm here if you have any questions! And yay for presents! Isn't that part fun?!

  6. Thank you for offering your help! I LOVE PRESENTS!!!! So awesome. Sewing just isn't my thing- that's why I have a good friend that can fill the void for me hahaha

  7. The Civil Wars' Pandora station is awesome! Our wedding playlist, which I made, included quite a few Civil Wars songs!

  8. Yes, it's the best! However, I have so many Pandora stations they really all blend into one now anyways hahaha

  9. Ahhh, wedding day weather. Our wedding day was 107...for an outdoor wedding and a reception in an unairconditioned barn. Girl, it was SO SWAMPY up in my dress...!

    Even if your wedding day weather sucks, it'll make a great story later ;)

  10. Totally! It still beats out having the wedding in AZ this time of year hahah

  11. Ugh! I used to live in Phoenix...I feel your pain! Or lack thereof, haha!

  12. Too funny! I lived in PHX for 5 years, flagstaff for 4 and now I'm in humid missouri! Haha

  13. HA! I live in Kansas...I understand how frustrating the humidity is!!


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