August Goals

July has been so crazy. M told me the other day that I have been in 7 states in the last 3 weeks, and next weekend we will be in another country. It has been a whirlwind, and my goals have definitely suffered because of it! 

So, let's recap my failure of July's goals. 
1. Read 2 books.
Ouch. I did finish "Packing Light" and I have started on "Don't Waste Your Life."
2. Have a bonfire party in the backyard (it's gonna be a hot one so we will see how this goes).
We didn't exactly have a "party" but we did have some friends of ours come over for dinner and a bonfire followed! Leaving this on my list though.
3. Since we already wrote vows, I'm in the process of getting them framed!
My friend Nina has finished our vows and they are in the mail! I will frame them after our honeymoon! I can't wait to share them with you all!
4. Visit Brie and Beau in Louisville (we are going for the Fourth!). 
WE KILLED THIS GOAL! We had such a blast. You can read more about our trip here
5. Learn how to tie a tie. 
Fail. One day, one day.
The following are my goals for August. They might be a little overly ambitious, but we shall see!
1. Read 2 books.
2. Start my chronological bible study and stick with it! Would you join me?
3. Go zip-lining. 
4. Go to Chicago.
5. Go to another country.
6. Be social media free for an entire week (HELLO HONEYMOON!). 

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Our Wedding: Getting Ready

Our photographer is amazing and got our photos to us almost two weeks ahead of schedule! I am so excited to be sharing some photos from before the ceremony with you all today!

We do not have a TON of getting ready photos, mostly because the reception was more important to us. The ladies got ready in the bridal boudoir with me, and the guys got ready in the lodge on property.

It was so lovely to spend some time with my friends and family before the big event. We chatted, drank mimosas, and laughed. It was pretty special.

This last one is definitely a favorite. It will probably be getting framed and hung in my bathroom!

Some of my favorite photos from getting ready are all of the little details that went into it all! Which our photographer captured so perfectly. 

all photos c/o Melissa Lin Ellis Photography

NC Belle in Boots

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In the Word Chronological Bible Study

Last week Cassie (the other Cassie) spoke about plans and after a lot more planning, talking, organizing, praying together we came up with this exciting study!!!

This chronological study will take us through the entire bible in ONE YEAR. I know this is on many of our 101 in 1001 lists, so this is a great opportunity to jump in and have some accountability (I know I need it).

We are so excited to do this together and share it with all of you! We will post the plan for the month ahead on the last Tuesday of every month. We will also highlight the study from the past month and share what we learned, study notes that helped us and anything else that the Lord has shared with us through this study. Each month will have each day's reading listed and also have a memory verse for the month. We encourage you to print the monthly calendars out and keep them in your bible, on your fridge, or wherever you prefer!

We are so excited to learn about His word and make it a priority every day. We hope that you will join us and keep us accountable also! We are all in this together, right? So let's learn together and grow closer through Him. Let's do this!! Join us for a Chronological Study and soak in His word with us! Don't have a blog of your own...? That's fine too, still do this study with us and you can always share what you have learned by leaving comments below each month. This is definitely not a "Bloggers Unite" kind of thing, it is a "Sisters (and brothers too, you can join us!) Unite" kind of thing. Our goal is to stay In The Word so that we can have a light for our path ahead. {Psalm 119:105} Grab your bible and open it up, dive in and turn that light on with us. 

For those of you who are bloggers, you can link your recap from this study here at the end of every month, or you can link anything that you have learned like all of our previous weeks with the In The Word Link-up. Just link up and share your heart, that's our motto! 

Don't forget you can link-up ALL WEEK with any faith related post! Just grab the button below and add your link!

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Don't Try so Hard

Today I am linking up with The "Florkens," Jade and Oak, & Treasure Tromp. This fun little link-up was created in honor of Colbie Caillat's new music video. This video is AMAZING, so if you haven't seen it, I suggest you watch it before reading any more of this post. It sends such a powerful message and really sets the stage for this link-up (you can read more of the back story behind it HERE).

I have never been one of those girls that cannot leave the house without makeup. Sure I have my insecure moments, but I have never felt a huge need to try hard when it comes to my looks (not because I thought I was beautiful but because I honestly didn't care what people thought about my looks). I feel pretty confident in my own skin, mostly because I have no desire to "conceal" who I am whether it is through makeup, or clothing, etc., and I wish the same for other women. It is such a liberating feeling. HOWEVER, I have a really hard time having my photos taken so capturing these was a challenge (for my husband too).

Even though I am comfortable in my own skin, I am totally guilty of negative self talk, just like most other women. I do, however, love my teeth and my tattoos (I know these weren't always a part of me but they definitely are now).  What do you love about yourself?

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My Five Favorite Apps

Today I am joining in on the Blog Everyday in July Challenge again. Today's prompt is "Favorite Apps," so here are my top five!

1. Hootsuite
Before I had Hootsuite, I would have to space out my post-related tweets on my own time. Now, I can just schedule the tweets for when I would like them to go live. I also like that I can shrink the links within the app instead of having to use google URL shortener or some other program.

2. Instagram
I mean, this is a given. I love being able to see into people's days, instead of having to wait for that long awaited blog post. It is more up close and personal and it really allows you to get to know people differently. Also, since I do not have a Facebook, it is a good alternative for keeping up with friends and family. 

3. Flipboard
This is an iPad app that allows you to create your own magazine-style reader. I can add topics like "gardening" or "fitness" and get articles on them. I can also add my favorite social media hashtags or users, as well as blogs that I love to follow. It puts everything in one convenient location and chooses "cover stories" based on what is popular and what type of content I access most!

4. Mint
I have shared about the Mint app previously on my money saving tricks post. This allows M and I to set budgets and track our spending on one app. I look at it at least once a day and use it more than my bank's app.

5. Goodreads
I love being able to keep up with what my friends are reading, check out new books, and update my progress on books I am reading from my phone. It is convenient for when I am on the go and want to purchase a new book for my nook because it doesn't require me to get on the computer. 

What are your favorite apps?


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Throwback Thursday

It's Throwback Thursday for the Blog Everyday in July challenge (not to be confused with man crush Monday or woman crush Wednesday because you KNOW I hate those) so you know that today I am throwing it back to the 90s. From my childhood photos you might think I was a 90s poster child.

What I miss about the 90s:
>> Titanic on VHS

>> Mood rings

>> Cory and Topanga

>> Lisa Frank

>> Tamagotchi

>> NOW CDs 

>> Britney and Justin

  >> Neopets 

>> Skip It  

What I do NOT miss about the 90s:

>> Beanie Babies


>> Lunchables 

>> The Macarena  

>> SmarterChild

>> Rewinding the VHS tape  

What do you miss or not miss about the 90s? 


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My Weird Quirks

I'm constantly telling my husband the way he does things is weird. Like who ACTUALLY flosses their teeth once a day? M does. Who gets in the shower FIRST then turns on the water, instead of waiting for it to warm up and then getting in? M does. So, since I can only harass my poor husband so much, I figured I would out myself on some of my own quirks.

1. I play with my hair when I am nervous talking to people. 

2. I leave a million coffee cups in my car. Borderline hoarder. Maybe I should switch to just bringing the whole pot with me that way I would be forced to bring it in from my car.
3. I hate vomit. Like really, really hate it. I would go as far as to call it a phobia. 
4. I hate handling and cooking meat. Ew. 
5.  My shins sweat. I have no explanation.
6. Loud chewers make my skin crawl. Even more so when their mouth is shut and they are still loud.

7. I hate when my food touches. Unless it's Mexican food.  NO.

8. My arms are double jointed. It's terrifying.

9. I sing to my cats in meows. Don't even ask. 

10. I blink more than the average person. 
What are your weird quirks?

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