30 Days of City Love: Days 10-18

If you keep up with me on Instgram, you have probably noticed my daily photos from around town that are accompanied by #30daysofcitylove. I was never really interested in participating in #100happy days, but when I stumbled upon The Wine Stain's idea for a 30 day challenge centered around what we love about our city, I was in. The following are my photos from days 10 through 18. Keep up with me on Instagram (@thatsageblog) to follow along for the rest of July!

DAY 10: Old farmland fences
DAY 11: Although Midwest winters suck, beauty can still be found in the dense trees
DAY 12: The huge tree in our town is a local icon
DAY 13: Sailing on Mark Twain Lake, just a short distance from home
DAY 14: Wildflower fields forever as seen on our rides
DAY 15: Fancy street lights
DAY 16: Old sun dial in the historic part of Mizzou's campus
DAY 17: Mizzou columns- symbolic of education
DAY 18: Not my current home, but a city where I grew up (and where we flew into this weekend): San Francisco

See days 1-9 here

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  1. First off I love the new design! second, your pictures are awesome. I really need to go around my town and capture it.

  2. Thanks lady! It really is a fun challenge and it is never too late to join!

  3. Mia- MakeMeUpMiaJuly 21, 2014 at 8:20 AM

    Ok, I know I told you this last time, but I'm in love with your pictures. So pretty!

  4. Great photos! Love the day 11 one!

  5. so, so pretty. I love that huge tree!


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