Repentance & Stagnation

Good morning everyone! Notice anything different around here? I'm so happy that my new design is finally finished thanks to Brooks from G.B. Design!

  I'm going to be honest- I was really struggling with coming up with content for today's link-up post. I suppose this is probably an indication of where my faith is at lately (read: not where it should be). I mean, I have been in church and our weekly missional community group every week, but despite this I think I am just in a season of stagnation.

I have been exhausted since the wedding. Around the wedding I found out two friends had cancer- one a month before, and one a week after. Last week, M's grandfather passed away and we had to rush to make arrangements to get out there this week. It has been a tough, emotionally draining few weeks of marriage. And although I know I should be finding relief in the gospel, I have been spending my time doing other things.

In church, we have been going through a four week series on repentance. The basic message here is that if you are not in a constant process of repentance, you should probably be worried. The gospel tells us when our hope is in Jesus we will be continued to be made pure. If you are experiencing stagnation, like I am, it is probably not a good thing. And often it is sin that is getting in the way.

Do I think that my relationship with God is bad? Or that I have a big "sin issue?" No. I'm honestly just mentally and emotionally drained. And unfortunately that prevents me from being in a state of repentance. I hope this is a temporary feeling and that our upcoming honeymoon will give me some time to get back on track emotionally and physically.

What is God doing in your heart this week? Would you link up and share with us?

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  1. You blog looks AMAZING!!! love it. And we need to do our final chat on our last NOG's session!

  2. I think I slept for a week straight after our wedding. Cassie, it's so normal. My faith also took a nosedive after the wedding, too. Your life is in such a stage of adjustment...so it's ok for things to be a little fuzzy for a while. Keep sleeping, praying, and reading your Bible. Don't be in a rush to get it all together...just let it happen.

  3. Thank you for this- I needed to hear it. I'm glad this is normal and I'm not just going crazy haha

  4. Thanks girl. It definitely is a challenge. SERIOUSLY THOUGH ALL I WANT IS TO HIBERNATE BUT LIFE KEEPS HAPPENING! haha

  5. Nope, you're absolutely not going crazy. I think it's pretty normal to be an exhausted newlywed :)


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