30 Days of City Love: Days 19-30

We are off on our honeymoon today! I have some special guest posts lined up for you all while I am away, but I had to share the last few days of the #30daysofcitylove challenge with you first! Have a wonderful weekend!
If you keep up with me on Instagram, you have probably noticed my daily photos from around town that are accompanied by #30daysofcitylove. I was never really interested in participating in #100happy days, but when I stumbled upon The Wine Stain's idea for a 30 day challenge centered around what we love about our city, I was in. The following are my photos from days 19 through 30. Although the challenge is finished (at least for me), keep up with me on Instagram (@thatsageblog) to follow along with my other happenings!
DAY 19: The park outside my office is great for afternoon walks
DAY 20: Our campus is incredibly historical and the journalism school pictured here is among the most famous locations on campus
DAY 21: Rock Bridge State Park is dreamy
DAY 22: Fun lines in the alley outside my office
DAY 23: BOO parking meters, but at least they're purple
DAY 24: Plenty of benches for sitting outside in the lovely weather we have been having
DAY 25: Dog Days of Summer downtown
DAY 26: More greenery from Rock Bridge State Park
DAY 27: Bridge from the state capital into our city

DAY 28: Sky gazing from my office
DAY 29: Where it all started- our street
DAY 30: A wonderful view of the city taken by my husband

See days 1-9 HERE and days 10-18 HERE
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