80s and 90s Fashion with Kelli from A Deeper Joy

Today I have another one of my favorite bloggers here with you! Please welcome Kelli from A Deeper Joy, I just know you will love her as much as I do!
Hey everybody!  I'm excited to be guest posting for Cassie today while she's away on her honeymoon.  Just a little fun info - we did almost exactly the SAME thing for our honeymoon that she and her hubby are doing! How funny!

So...I was a child in the 80's and a teenager in the 90's.  Cassie had a fun post a while back about what she missed from the 90's.  Check it out now if you haven't read it!  I totally remember SO many of these things!

One of the best things we remember about the 80's and 90's was the fashion...am I right?!  So today I'm going to provide you with a little guide on 80's and 90's fashion...according to my family at least...I blame it all on my parents!

Let's start with the 80's!

Men's Fashion...

Back in the day, it wasn't weird for a guy to wear shorty shorts.  Thank goodness he had a baby (me) on his back so he didn't look quite like a creeper.

Speaking of creepers...can you count how many times my dad sported the creeper 'stash?!

And really, Dad, you think you're a UPS man?  We won't talk about how he's about to throw sand on his innocent little daughter! :)

That's my mom's paw paw in the middle.  He was the father to her that he didn't have to be.  Great vest, huh?

Women's fashion...

I think my mom was stylish...puffy sleeves and all! (Cassie here, KELLI AND HER MOM ARE TWINS!! Cassie out)

The Younger Bunch...

That first photo is classy, right?! What am I eating? Toast??

I have to say, those little shorty shorts with the red buttons are adorable.  Good job, Mom!

A bonnet?!  What is this?  Little House on the Prairie?

We all know that sweatsuits and oversized hats were the bomb.  Or not.  But let's pretend.

So many colors and prints!  Loved the 80's!

Yes, that looks like a mullet to me too...and holding a turkey?  I'm from the country, y'all!

Onto the 90's...

I can't believe I'm showing y'all these!  Better on a guest post than my own, right?! Ha!

Please note that cartoon characters and crazy prints were in style.

Not sure what the deal was with showing my stomach as well.  You could not pay me to do that now!

It's funny that florals were in back then, because they're totally making a comeback.  Between the times, I'm pretty sure they were only reserved for your grandma's curtains.

Do you remember those onesie's that snapped in your crotch?  Yeah, I wore those all the time with my high-riding shorts (totally making a comeback as well).

My poor sweet self with those braces...

Hope you enjoyed this!

Do you remember any of these styles from the 80's and 90's?!


  1. Oh my gosh - is your dad with a baby armadillo?! Love the pigtail photo!! The fashion is something that is scarily coming back - all those sunflower dresses - NO!!

  2. These are cracking me up! It's crazy to think how much the styles have changed! I love that you still have all these pictures!

  3. Haha! Yes! My dad loves wildlife...even creepy wildlife. He once proud a possum inside the house :-p I know! Haha. I see so many styles coming back and it's weird!

  4. Oh Caroline...I spent hours scanning a bunch of photos that my mom had! I'm glad I have them now too :)

  5. Haha thanks Jaelan! They're fun to browse through often :)

  6. Hahaha I love it Kelli! I definitely wish I had more photos from my early days. I think I had that same cartoon print shirt ;)

  7. You and your mom really are twins! So cute!
    So funny how styles have changed, yet come back in (in some ways. Let's pray they don't ever bring back the wind track suits). I definitely had some awesome style, including those heat shirts that would change color. And scrunchies of course. Fun to see you as a kid!

  8. Haha! Cartoon shirts were cool...or at least we thought they were :-p

  9. Kelli, I love you! Too funny!

  10. Haha I love you too, Nina! :)


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