Dressing a Cardigan Up & Down

Today I am teaming up with Karissa from Karissa and Company to bring a you a fashion post (I know, WHO AM I?!). She's a STAR at all things fashion! We thought it would be fun to style a simple grey cardigan up and down. In my graduate program there are days where part of the day I am in the clinic with clients, and part of the day I am in classes or alone in my office. Seeing clients requires a more dressed up look, while (as you can imagine) classes and working alone in my office do not. Cardigans are a staple for me, especially in the summer, because they are lightweight, go with a variety of looks, and cover up my tattoos. This particular cardigan is my FAVORITE, grey is a great cross-seasonal color. I found it at Primark while living in Scotland in 2012 and it has held up SO WELL.

Dressing it Up

For the "dressed up" look, I styled the grey cardigan with a simple black pencil skirt, a basic three-quarter sleeve white button-up top, a flashy belt, and nude heels. This professional look is perfect for interacting with clients! Karissa went with an afternoon date look, which also goes well with a grey cardigan!

Outfit Details:
Skirt: Forever 21 (thrifted) || Top: Apt 9 from Kohl's || Belt: Can't remember.. oops  || Shoes: Madden Girl

Dressed Down

For the "dressed down" look, I styled the grey cardigan with my favorite jean shorts, a basic wife-beater, and my favorite destroyed Converses. This look is super low key and easy to throw together, and the cardigan not only covers my tattoos when necessary, but adds some warmth for when it cools down at nice or in the office!

Outfit Details:
Shorts: American Eagle || Shirt: Old Navy || Shoes: Converse (thrifted)

We want to hear which one is your favorite! What is your go to piece that can be dressed up or down?

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  1. You. Are. So. CUUUUUTE!!!!!
    1. Love your hair like that!
    2. I want a pair of converse shoes so bad!
    3. Give me that cardigan!

  2. You're too sweet. I have an obsession with Cons and these are slip ons which makes them ever better!!!! And I loooove my cardigan it's my favvv

  3. I'm a huge fan of neutral cardigans, dressing them up and down can be so fun. I usually enjoy dressing them down most :)

  4. I agree...you can do so many things with cardigans! I got one this summer and then ruined in the wash...boo :-/

  5. Oh no! I hate when that happens

  6. I am a cardigan horder. I have them in almost every color and adding. They go so well with so many things and they are perfect for being at work and the office getting a tad chilly.

  7. Cardigans have got to be one of my favorite pieces too! So versatile!
    Love the way that you both styled these!

  8. So cute!! I love how cardis can be so versatile. Your casual outfit is so my style. And I love your hair!

  9. I couldn't agree more! I loveeee them


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