Keeping Our Word with Lauren from Bound by Love

While I am on my honeymoon I have a great line-up of ladies for you all! Today I am super excited to have Lauren, one of my dearest blogging friends. 

Hi everyone! I'm Lauren and I blog over at Bound by love, a blog about pretty much everything and nothing at all (kind of like a Seinfeld episode). Cassie and I met in blogland and have become real life friends and I'm so thankful for this sweet girl. I'm here guest posting today while the newlyweds are off on their honeymoon-oh la la! Let's get to it...
Bound by Love blog, girl by waterThe other day I tried a new church and was really struck with the message. You can watch the entire sermon (Freedom & Honor // Week 2) here if you're interested. The pastor talked about God's word and how he will always fulfill his word. How his word will never come back to him empty. He also said that we were breathed into life through God's words, and God's word is alive in us (crazy right?). He created us in His image and we can create with our words as well. We can create an atmosphere of peace with our words. We can create an atmosphere of strife with our words. We can comfort with our words or we can anger with our words. The pastor also touched on how we should keep our word. How we should honor the words we speak into existence. I've been known to promise something and not come through. I've done the "Christian" thing of saying I'll pray for you, and then not praying. I'm so glad I tried the new church out because that message really spoke to me. I'm working on saying what I mean and will do, not promising things I can't or don't want to do, and not giving the knee jerk "I'll pray for you" reaction when I won't. Or more importantly saying I'll pray for you and then stopping right there and praying for them. I think if we all think about what we're saying and promising before we say it we could create such a better atmosphere. And imagine if all us Christians really did everything we said we would? What an amazing example we would be.

Along those same lines I'll share one of my favorite Bible verses below.
Proverbs 16:24; honeycomb

This verse is at the end of my emails and it serves as a good reminder to say kind things. To use my words to uplift and heal rather than tear down and hurt. Thankfully it has led me to delete a few emails because what I wrote was not gracious or healing.

Do you struggle with keeping your word?


  1. Great post, Lauren! I struggle with this in many areas...sometimes it's watching my words as I'm complaining way too much or just being judgy - yesterday my hubby had to call me out on it. I also try to pray for people right after I say that as well because I often will forget.

    Hope you're having fun on your honeymoon, Cassie!

  2. M always calls me out too. Yikes. I need it though. We had an amazing time!


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