Our Wedding: The Details

I am back with more wedding photos! Classes start this week, so things might start to get a little quiet around here as my program picks up. I promise to stick to a consistent blogging schedule! However, it may only be three days a week instead of the five I am currently posting! Happy Monday!

My favorite photos from our wedding are those of all the little details. I feel like they capture the end result of all the hard work we put into our day. I will be forever grateful to all the friends and family, as well as our decorator, Sarah, who made all of these little details come together!

 The Venue
You can read more about our venue HERE. It really is a unique story.

Buffalo Lodge Kingsville, MO

Buffalo Lodge Kingsville, MO Wedding
Buffalo Lodge Kingsville, MO light fixtures

The Ceremony Space
The vintage doors with the backdrop were a last minute idea. We hadn't really done a lot of planning for the aesthetics of the ceremony, and at the last minute we realized we really did need some sort of back drop. I am so happy with how this turned out. And a big thanks to my dad and brother for helping to prop it up!
Buffalo Lodge Kingsville, MO Ceremony Space
Vintage doors as wedding ceremony backdrop

Baby's Breath on shepherd hook for wedding ceremonyshepherd hook baby's breath for aisle liner in outdoor wedding ceremony

The Ceremony
I just adore the uniqueness of these shots!

The Marriage License Signing
We had NO IDEA what we were doing. 

Marriage License signing

Marriage License signing

The Guestbook
One of my favorite little touches to our wedding was our wood stain world map that we had people sign. We now have it framed in our bedroom and I absolutely LOVE it. Not to mention a friend of M's made it for FREE for us!
Wedding Guest Book: Stained Wood World MapWedding Guest Book: Stained Wood World Map
Wedding Guest Book: Stained Wood World Map

The Favors
We wanted gifts that would be unique, practical, and easy to transport for those who had to fly to the wedding. This proved to be a challenge. Luckily, we agreed on reusable tote bags (which doubled as seating cards)! Since our venue was "Buffalo Lodge" (where they actually have buffalo) we decided to add a buffalo silhouette! I am so happy how they turned out (thanks Totally Promotional)! It has been fun to see people using them!

Reusable Tote Bag Wedding Favors

The Paper Goods
My mom and her friend, Tonia, did a GREAT job designing our program fans and mad-lib activity. Not to mention they saved us a TON of money! And let me tell you, the fans were SO necessary the day of our wedding!

Wedding Program Fans
Wedding Mad-Lib Activity
Wedding Mad-Lib Activity
The Gift Table
The burlap garlands were another DIY project that a sweet friend of mine helped me with. We made others that said "desserts" and "bar." They were really easy to make and SO much cheaper then buying them online. I gave these to a friend of mine from elementary school that just got married and I can't wait to see the photos of them being used on her special day!

Burlap Gift Table and Cards Garland
The Tables and Center Pieces
Again, we wanted to keep these simple and let the beauty of the vintage places take center stage. We also added touches of books, cameras, significant table numbers, and flowers. 

Vintage Center Piece Arrangement
Vintage Center Piece Arrangement Vintage Rentals KC
Vintage Center Piece Arrangement Vintage Rentals KC
Significant Wedding Table NumbersSignificant Wedding Table Numbers

Significant Wedding Table Numbers
Vintage Milk Glass and Camera Wedding Center Piece: Vintage Rentals KC
The Flowers
We did not want to spend a lot on flowers. Thankfully I found a lovely little local flower farm that created the beautiful arrangements I want for a GREAT price!

Wedding Flowers with Succluents: Pendelton's Flower's
Wedding Flowers in Mason Jar: Pendelton's Flower's

Baby's breath on Shepherd's Hook

Wedding Flowers: Pendelton's Flower's
The Sweetheart Table
I almost wish we would have decked out this mantel a little bit more, but we really wanted the venue's beauty to shine through by having simple decorations. I am really happy with how the Mr. & Mrs. garland turned out for this space.

Vintage Rentals KC Sweetheart Table
The Cake & Desserts
We opted for a small cake (since I am gluten free and we aren't huge cake eaters) and a variety of small desserts as well!

Vintage Wedding Cake with Flower Topper
Cake Cutting
Vintage Wedding Cake with Flower Topper
Bite-Sized Wedding Desserts
Dessert table
Bite-sized wedding dessert table The Rings
HUGE props to our photographer for capturing the PERFECT ring photos for us. 

Vintage Camera Wedding rings
Vintage Camera Wedding rings

Vintage Camera Wedding rings
Vintage Camera Wedding rings

Vintage Camera Wedding rings

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  1. This venue: swoon! I know I have said it but all your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. everything is perfection!!! They captured it all so well!

  3. GORGEOUS pictures! I love the venue. it's so pretty. :) thanks for sharing. I love these!

  4. I love your centerpieces! Everything is so beautiful!

  5. Thanks again for taking time to look at another photo overload :) you're too sweet

  6. Thank you, we really wanted them to represent our passions!

  7. Wow wow wow! Everything was just beautiful, Cassie! And your photographer really was amazing too! This all seems so "you" and I love it! I especially love the map that everyone signed :)

  8. ahhh i love the details! and the favor bags were gorgeous!!!!

  9. I love EVERYTHING about this!!! And I LOVE that you used books!! I plan to use books as centerpieces whenever I get married... I was thinking of getting really cheap hardcovers from yard sales and covering them in burlap in lace but I really love how you didn't cover yours. Can you basically just come and recreate your wedding for me when the time comes???

  10. Thank you Nina, love all your sweet comments on my wedding photos! :)

  11. Thanks Kelli :) We framed the map and now it's in our bedroom above our dresser!

  12. Thank you! I was so happy with the choice to go with those- unique and useful!

  13. You're too good to me. We used books from our "Decorator" and she has collected them from yard sales, vintage stores, etc! They all have lovely character and we didn't want to hide it at all :) I WANT TO COME DESIGN YOUR WEDDING. YOU CAN PAY ME IN WINE AND JOKES.

  14. Thank you Ashley! Likewise with your wedding :)

  15. This was beautiful. I fall in love with your wedding more and more every time I see pictures. You can tell how much time and thought you put into this. I love love love it!!

  16. Thanks girl, I definitely did :)


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