Staying Organized When Life Gets Crazy with Sarah from Seriously, Sarah?

Today I have the lovely Sarah from Seriously, Sarah? This lady has a heart of gold and I am so happy to have her taking over my blog today!

Hi! I am Sarah and I write at Seriously, Sarah? I blog about daily life with chronic pain, faith, literature, and anything else that I happen to find interesting!

staying organized
I have a chronic condition that can cause what is called "brain fog," by sufferers. Additionally, chronic pain can sometimes lead to a little bit of confusion. To top it all off, I am no longer working 9-5, so my days can lack structure and organization. Before any of the above, I was never hyper-organized. I had structure to my days and could generally remember what I had going on in my life. I know that a lot of the tricks that I employ now can be used by an assortment of busy or absent-minded people.
  • I keep a calendar on my smartphone. So, when I am out and about, appointments immediately get recorded. This also has reminders that go off before appointments. A few weeks ago, it happened to go off at 12:45 for a 1 PM appointment, that I thought was at 2. Thankfully, I was already dressed and ready to go!
  • Additionally, I keep a hard copy calendar. This calendar is divided into morning, afternoon, and evening. The bottom of the column also has a nice little checklist. This lets me add things like "call the doctor," "make a vet appointment," or "meal plan." Having objectives for each day keeps me going!
  • Have a separate notebook. Each evening, I plan out the next few days in more detail. I look at my hard copy calendar to do this. Each day has appointments listed by time, plus the order that I'm going to tackle certain tasks--even things as simple as "check emails," or "read a book." That way, my aimless days feel a little less aimless. If you look in the picture, I'll even put things like "use white strips for teeth," because a girl has to have goals, right? On the days that I haven't done this and don't consult my calendar, I end up showing up for doctors appointments a day early, missed picking up medicines that I needed, or get those darn library fees.
organized collage
Fun colored pens help, obviously!
  • Post-It Notes! I keep them everywhere. Not like in a crazy Memento-kind of way (however, you should watch that movie!), but I put them on stacks of mail to sort, inside of notebooks to mark my place, or on my purse if I don't want to leave the house without something important.
I don't reach for perfection and try to show myself grace. I know that being too hard on myself will only backfire, causing me more stress. The point of staying organized is to reduce my stress--no missed appointments, no forgotten bills, and no overdue library books. Sometimes my health forces me to realize that I won't get to that yoga class or write a blog post, but that's ok. Now that I've learned to organize my day, my next goal is to finish setting up my own office, so I can organize all of these papers. I like to keep a few handy in the living room area, but the majority of my medical documents and other paperwork could be neatly filed away upstairs. While I am waiting to have the energy to go up and down the stairs a few times a day, I put this little crate beside our dining room table, which is my desk by day, so that I can keep some semblance of order in our house!

What do you do to stay organized when life gets crazy?


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  1. I just love hearing that other people are such planners too! My hubby makes fun of me and I'm afraid some friends think I'm crazy. I would go crazy if I wasn't a planner. I also have to have my hard copy agenda. Great post, Sarah!

  2. haha I love hearing that others are so similar to myself! I had 2 hard planners, and the planner in my phone. My fiance makes fun of me for it daily.

  3. Thanks! I try hard, but I still messed up two appointments recently! I think I need to start using my weekly whiteboard that's on the fridge... but empty!

  4. Hahahaha I have an extra hardcopy planner that's small, where I keep my pain diary.

  5. love sarah's blog and these are great tips. i keep a paper calendar to remind myself of upcoming events/appointments too.

  6. wow that seems like it must take up a lot of time, but I guess you probably never miss an appointment! I just keep one hard copy planner, its all I can handle.


  7. I have a million calendars, I think it's a problem! Sarah is on top of it!

  8. I love her blog too! I was so happy to have her today. I'm an organization freak haha!

  9. I am such a planner too. I always get crap for it hahaha


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