Young Life Ministry with Taylor from Cup of T

Another day of guest posts coming your way! Today I have Taylor from Cup of T. She's a sweet bride-to-be that shares my love for Jesus. She is here to talk a little bit about something you may or may not be familiar with- Young Life. Many friends of mine are involved with this ministry, and they swear by it! But I'll leave the details to Taylor...

Hey y'all! I am so excited to take over this space today as Cassie enjoys her honeymoon with her new hubby! My name is Taylor and I blog over at Cup of T. I blog a lot about love, faith, and wedding planning (for March 7th!). I am a student at the University of Kentucky for one. more. semester. and will graduate with a degree in Elementary Education! I am passionate about inner-city education, coffee, pink lipstick, photography, Jesus, the Kentucky Wildcats, and youth ministry! I am actually passionate about ALL forms of ministry, but during my college years I have been particularly invested in youth ministry!

I volunteer with a ministry called Young Life. It is a relational ministry that has many different forms. I lead "Wyldlife" which is the middle school version of the original high school ministry. Leaders earn the right to be heard by students in order to share the gospel with them, and help them grow in their faith. We do this by attending lunches, going to sporting events, putting on Wyldlife events, and just hanging out. Our year culminates into a week at a a luxurious Young Life property for summer camp when students get the chance to hear the gospel in a clear way and talk with their leader and friends more about it, as well as get waited on and provided for all week by volunteer high school and college students. It is awesome!!

Obviously, leading a middle school ministry would never be thought of as easy, but there are definitely three things that surprised me more than any other about leading and doing life with eleven to fourteen year old girls!

1. Middle schoolers have a LOT of energy. Like seriously, y'all. I can chug a RedBull and still can't keep up! They can be energizing though- I can feel so tired and the minute I am around a few middle schoolers I am half as crazy as them! I love it though, it keeps me young ;)

2. It will grow you way more than you will "grow" the students. I think when we start any sort of ministry, we have these great expectations that everyone we minister to will come to know Jesus and we will just see so much fruit instantly. While that is a great mindset, it is probably just not going to happen in the snap of a finger. I have grown so much from doing this ministry. Seriously, I have seen how Jesus views and loves me so much more clearly because of how I love these middle school students. My relationship with the Lord has been radically and forever changed from spending day in and day out in the thick of it with sweet middle school girls.

3. Community is key. YoungLife provides not only a great community for middle school or high school students within their school, but an incredible Gospel community for leaders. My best friends and roommates are those who have led Young Life in the area alongside me. Eight of my ten bridesmaids have led Young Life. My teammates are some of my closest confidants and have been there for me to pray with, cry with, and fight for kids with. Community is such a gift. We are made to do life with one another. We are not in it alone friends, and I pray you seek out a Gospel community!

Thanks for letting me share a little bit of my life with y'all today! I would love for you to come say hi on my blog or on insta!


  1. So fun! I'm from Oklahoma and went to Oklahoma Baptist University! I volunteered with Young Life during my freshman year. Such a great ministry giving hope to a lot of kids!

  2. It definitely is, I'm so glad Taylor got a chance to share more about it :)


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