Holiday Wish List

I know I might be getting a little ahead of myself with this post, but I just cannot contain my excitement for the holidays and my birthday any longer. Since M and I have started budgeting and saving like crazy, we haven't had much to spend on the little "extras" so I am looking forward to a little splurging around the holidays! Here is what is on my wish list this year:

1. Stitch Fix Credit. Last time I got Stitch Fix I honestly wanted EVERYTHING in my fix but my budget didn't allow it. Stitch Fix credit would allow me to get more fixes and keep more items next time!

2. Work Tote. The sheer amount of things I drag back and forth between my office and home is ridiculous. I would love some sort of durable, work appropriate tote that could hold all of my belongings. Something like the Frye Campus Shopper or the Madewell Transport Tote (both pictured below) would be perfect!

3. Keurig.You know, I didn't think I would like having a Keurig because I'm more of a french press lady, but then I realized how EASY it is and how nice it would be to have one in my office for late nights! And we all know how much I love coffee.

4. MacBook Pro. Now, I don't NEED this, but my current laptop is barely hanging on and I promised myself next time I would go Mac.

5. Massage. I am really bad at treating myself with things like a massage, but I absolutely LOVE them.

6. Perfume. Again, something I will not buy for myself, but something that I love! Daisy is one of my all time favorites!

7. Chacos. My Rainbows are on their last thread so it's time for some new kicks!

8. Barnes & Noble Credit. Because who doesn't love curling up with a big book during the holiday?! And I spend far too much on books as it is.

9. Airline Credit. I would love to go somewhere fun for a weekend trip sometime in the next year!

10. Cycling Gear. I'm in dire need of a new cycling jersey.

11. Fitbit. This is another thing I have gone back and forth about. However, I like that it's waterproof and can go in the pool with me for swims!

12. Fall boots. I had to throw away my beloved brown boots last winter and it was devastating. New boots would make my wishlist complete!

What's on your holiday wish list this year?
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  1. I think you and I are on the same wavelength today. Instead of studying for a test I am completely unprepared for, I have been on pinterest. So far I've sent my boyfriend a picture of a print out I want, and a goldendoodle puppy for Christmas. I think I NEED the goldendoodle. Although he says "they poop." To which I replied "You poop too, but I still like you."

  2. I hope you saw my tweet about someone needing to convince my husband I need a cat tower..... because we are totally on the same wavelength. I need a puppy too but I know that's far more obtainable. Also, I have you thank you for commenting on here because losing 22 comments from earlier (pre-deletion fiasco) made me want to cry.

  3. I apologize to anyone that previously commented on this post! I accidentally deleted it and had to restore it to a new URL. Hoping to work with Disqus to have them restored!

  4. On the subject of the Keurig, I got one for my wedding and didn't use it much because I didn't feel like the coffee was all that strong. I recently got a Verisimo and I am obsessed with it. It does drip coffee and espresso (although, maybe the new keurigs do that too?). Either way, my Target has the Verisimo machines on clearance for half off right now so they are $56.00!! I mean you may not even have to wait til Christmas for that price :) Also, I have a golden doodle and he is the best dog ever! No shedding, great temperament, good with kids and mine doesn't ever bark :) You and Nina both need one!

  5. That's good to know! The only reason I'm thinking a keurig is good is because it will be for my office and it's such easy clean up that way!! And goldendoodles are so cute! I sent your comment to my husband as proof that I need a puppy.

  6. I had NO idea you could get credit on stitch fix!!! I just told LG that's what I want for Christmas! Also I LOVE those boots..I need some new boots. :) I like that second purse you have on there...pretty pretty! :) And book credit is always good. Thanks for sharing!

  7. It's crazy how much our tastes are similar!! I LOVE my Keurig, Daisy, and my Macbook Pro! :) These are some great things!

  8. Love it! I keep hearing mixed things about the Keurig- I just love that it's easy to clean up after which makes it perfect for my office!

  9. Oh really?! Yeah, I have last year's model, but I think it's awesome! It's so simple and can brew so many different things!

  10. I love that you can fill kcups with your own coffee too!


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