September Goals

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Where is time going? I cannot believe it is already September and I am starting my second year of graduate school. I feel like every time I blink another month has passed! The beginning of September brings a crazy school schedule which will likely directly result in less blogging. HOWEVER, today I'm talking about my goals for the month (as usual).

Here are August's goals in review:

1. Read 2 books.
Yikes. I ALMOST finished one book. I really do love to read but when my reading for graduate school picks up, reading during my free time seems less appealing. 

2. Start my chronological bible study and stick with it! Would you join me?
I have been doing so well with this and it has been so great to see everyone join in! If you missed it, be sure to go grab September's plan! It's not too late to join!

3. Go zip-lining. 
CHECK! This was so much fun, I can't believe I had never gone before. In case you missed my post, you can read about it here.

4. Go to Chicago.
Sadly, this did not happen. Our cat got sick a few days before our honeymoon, which wasn't great for our finances. I also got VERY sick the week I was supposed to go, so maybe it was for the better! I still can't wait to make it out there sometime in the near future!

5. Go to another country.
Thank youuuu Costa Rica! International travel has to be one of my favorite things to do. 

6. Be social media free for an entire week (HELLO HONEYMOON!). 
YESSSS. This was SO REFRESHING. I did read some blogs close to the end of the trip, but no social media for me!

My September goals are as follows:

1. Send a random care package to a friend. 
2. Finally get our chicken coop fenced in and get chickens!
3. Go camping. 
4. Memorize another verse.

I'm keeping this month's goals simple as I settle back in to being a full time graduate student! What are your goals for September? I would love for you to add the link to your goals post in my comments so I can check them out! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend!

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  1. You totally tackled these goals! I need to set up some goals for September..I'm slacking

  2. CHICKENS!!! ^_^

    i love your goals this month cassie!! check out Psalm 119 for awesome and refreshing verses to memorize!

  3. Oh I love your list! I may need to copy #1. And chickens?!? I can't wait for the day we can have our own. We're hoping to go camping this month in Yosemite...trying to get a day off approved at school. :/ And I love that you commit to memorizing scripture. I need to get back into that habit!

  4. Those are great goals! It also makes total sense to have a lower list with the back-to-school craziness. Good luck!

  5. I love that you are keeping things simple! I find that for me, those are the months when I really DO get things done that I want to!
    Yay for camping and chickens....I amen both of those! :)

  6. Oh my I would love a chicken coop! Awesome goals!

  7. No seriously- tell me where the time is going. And every time I make mention over how fast it's flying, I feel super old! ha! I wondered if you'd made it to Chicago! You'll have to plan another (real) trip soon! ;)

  8. YES!!! I sometimes get overwhelmed if I don't set manageable goals!

  9. I was SO SAD I couldn't make it. I totally was going to let you know but I was so sick that week I just slept 36 hours and then totally forgot I was even going to go hahaha

  10. Love reading your goals each month! Yay Costa Rica! Helped you meet a few!


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