Goodbye Summer & October Goals

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Now that it's officially October I feel like it is finally time to say goodbye to summer. I was a little sad about leaving summer behind this year because it was such a good one. However, now I am feeling ready to welcome this Midwest fall with open arms! Christa from Forever Young had a BIG summer like us and the other day she shared a post that inspired me to write my own summer recap.

JUNE. June was a HUGE month for us because it was WEDDING MONTH! The first few weeks of the month were spent celebrating contentment and one year of engagement. In the later half of the month, I became a wife, shared my thoughts on the transition, and explained why I took my husband's last name.

JULY. Since we decided to take our honeymoon at the beginning of August, July was a strange month of adjusting to married life but also longing for our honeymoon. To be honest, it was a whirlwind of a month. We spent the Fourth of July in Louisville with some of our closest friends and absolutely fell in love with it. I shared about some of the struggles I was facing in my walk with Jesus including stagnation and faith in times of stress (which sprung from our trip from hell). In order to lighten the mood after those intense posts, I shared about some of my weird quirks and our backyard makeover. I also began sharing our wedding photos starting with our getting ready shots.

AUGUST. After longing for our honeymoon, it finally came. Thankfully, right before I got my first Stitch Fix so I had plenty of lovely clothes to bring along. When I returned I continued to bombard you with more wedding photos, our obsession with the Grand Canyon, and all the awesome things I didn't know about coffee. In the latter part of the month I fought a pretty nasty virus which really took it out of me and also made me realize that I was trying to find rest everywhere but where I really needed it.

SEPTEMBER. September welcomed the start of my new blogging schedule, mostly as a result of the fact that graduate school was back in FULL swing. Despite this, I still shared far too many wedding photos, including how I coordinated mismatched bridesmaid dresses and our vows. I shared something BIG that the Lord was doing in my heart. And in order to again lighten the mood, I began sharing the stories behind my tattoos.

October goals

Since it's officially October, I should probably get around to posting those monthly goals of mine, eh? Let's recap September's:

1. Send a random care package to a friend. 
Check! This was actually a blast. A good friend of mine just started her real big girl job, so I treated her to a new candle, notepad, hand sanitizer, chapstick, and gum! My own office necessities!
2. Finally get our chicken coop fenced in and get chickens!
Well... the coop is 90% fenced in, but no chickens yet! I'm still hoping to get this finished ASAP!
3. Go camping. 
 Sadly this didn't happen. We did, however, go to St. Louis with friends where we were able to knock a bunch of things off of our STL bucket list!
4. Memorize another verse.
I somehow do really well with this some months, and fail others. Darn.

My October goals are as follows:

1. Send 5 snail mail letters.
2. Plan a romantic date for M.
3. Keep up with my chronological bible study. Join us with the hashtag #inthewordin1year
4. Host a game night.

What was your favorite part about summer? Will you miss it?

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  1. WOW, you had a busy summer!!!!! Can't wait to hear about the chicken coop!

  2. holy moley! what a busy summer! We have a chicken coop in our backyard, but no chickens. I've been thinking about getting some... let me know how it goes. lol. Your goals for Oct sound great!

  3. Thanks, it definitely was a crazy summer! Hopefully we will have chickens soon!

  4. I want chickens!!! Please post more about the coop :)

  5. Oh man, I wouldn't even know where to start. We are still trying to learn ourselves, and my dad built it for us. Maybe when we finally get the chickens I will post an update :)

  6. This is a great post idea! What an exciting summer you have had

  7. I will miss summer, beach trips are my favorite! But, I love fall too :) I don't mind the changing seasons because it's like there's always something to look forward to!

  8. SO EXCITING. Probably one of the best summers yet :)

  9. Absolutely! Plus I am loving the cooler weather!

  10. I always miss summer because it's my favorite. For me, I will miss the relaxation. Summer June and July are our slow months at work (other than November and December) so I already miss that. Work is INSANE and I don't ever have enough hours in the day. I miss the long days of sunlight and hate that it's dark when I arrive home around 7:30pm :(
    Do you have any ideas of what game you want to play at game night? We have game night frequently with our friends and LOVE it!!

  11. I feel like my summer wasn't a summer. I move across the country and started a job and it was just so fast and no time to catch my breath. LOL.

  12. Oh a game night...that sounds so fun!! And I just have to say...I love reading your blog! I'm so glad I found you! Hope your week is off to a fantastic start!!

  13. YES, I miss summer for those reasons as well! It's rough when the sun starts going down so early!

    I'm not sure I've met a game I didn't like! Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, and Catchphrase are classics!

  14. Oh my goodness, I know you were on the run! Maybe next summer you will be able to slow down a bit and enjoy it :)

  15. Oh, thanks so much Amy! I hope you're having a nice week so far too. I'm exhausted after traveling back home for my brother in law's wedding over the weekend!

  16. First off I love that you did a recap of your summer posts, such a good idea! Also you did great on your list and your upcoming one is awesome!! Game nights are the bomb.com!!!

  17. It was so fun to see everything I did this summer organized in this way! I'm so excited for game night!!!

  18. You had a FABULOUS summer! I've enjoyed reading all your wedding posts - so beautiful!

  19. What a full and busy summer! I loved reading all about your wedding! We're going camping in 2 weeks and I'm pretty excited about it!

  20. It was definitely a big summer! I love camping, have SO MUCH FUN!

  21. You had quite the busy summer! Time seems to fly when you're having fun :)

  22. Oh, absolutely! It was really a great one.


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