How to be Yourself on the Internet

Happy Friday friends! The husband and I are back home celebrating the marriage of my brother in law and his lovely wife-to-be, so today I have Ashley here with you today! She's a gem, but you probably already knew that (and if you didn't you will after reading this)!

My name is Ashley. I am a freelance writer and coach to women who want to change the world. I lead an incredible community of dreamers and difference-makers called #fireworkpeople and I get happy over colour, business and the ocean.

Okay. Let's just talk about it. 

Whether you are a blogger or you're just huge into social media (like pretty much all of North America), there is this thing; this thing that happens that stands in front of you holding you back from being yourself on the internet.

It is like suddenly you get a screen in front of your face and you go into transformer mode. Or maybe, it gets you to pick up your cape of boldness that you don't have in real life. Or maybe, just maybe, like you feel this insane pressure, getting on your back like a demon, telling you that you have to be 'someone else.'

Like somehow the internet crawls into our brain and tells us that we have to make a craft when really glue guns just give us webbed hands.

And it convinces us that we need to sound like we have out stuff together and we're applying filters on everything to make it prettier, to make it perfect, to make it appear like the latest issue of Glamour when really the reality is like the latest episode of Hoarders.

Look, humans don't do perfect. We don't.  So you can let go of that impossible standard right now and just breathe.

I was knee deep in this stuff. For real. I thought that there is this image of myself that I have to portray even if that image is so far from my reality. And so every time, I would go to write, it felt like it was coming from the depths of my soul. But you all, I had to dig deep.

Because it is exhausting trying to be something you're not. I am just saying.

So I am laying it out and telling you, just be yourself. Be yourself on your blog, on social media and hold back on the filters a little bit and be a human.

Because we love humans.

And those walls that want to crush you on the left and right, I have an idea. Instead of crushing underneath them, how about you punch a hole in them by showing up and being vulnerable with how you are made?

When you show up and be yourself, that is vulnerable. But it is outrageously beautiful.

And you were made and put together so well. 

Perfect can be beautiful and sometimes we have trouble knowing the difference between the two. But if you are thinking that what you create or who you are will never be beautiful until its perfect, then my friend, let it go. 

Let go of that impossible standard and break through the screens and the keyboards as yourself.

You in?

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  1. This is just such a great post. I totally agree that a lot of people out there try to be this perfect little creature when we're just not. I'm guilty of it too. Amazing post!

  2. Totally agree!!!!! This is so good for all of us to be reminded of! Hope you have fun at the wedding Cassie!

  3. Wise words! Great post.

  4. Thanks Chloe!! I am so glad you enjoyed it!

  5. Thanks for reading!!

  6. Right!? It is so easy!

  7. Thanks for having me friend!


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