November Goals + Blogger Love

November goals
 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We are being lame and staying in tonight to hand out candy together and maybe watch some scary movies!

Let's recap October's:
1. Send 5 snail mail letters. 
 DONE. I hope birthday cards count because I sent out an obscene amount this last month!

2. Plan a romantic date for M. 
How did the month get away from us so quickly? This one will have to wait... sorry babe!

3. Keep up with my chronological bible study. Join us with the hashtag #inthewordin1year
I'm about 9 days behind, SHAME ON ME. However, I have been keeping up and doubling up where I can to make sure to cover those few days I have missed!

4. Host a game night. 
FAIL. This month was much crazier than I had planned!

My November goals are as follows:
1. Learn how to tie a tie. 
2. Send out 5 snail mail letters.
3. Read a book for PLEASURE.
4. Floss daily.
5. Host a game night. For reals this time.

What are your goals for November?

And now for some Blogger Love!

The Florken's post about standing up for what was important to them made my day. Nothing makes more more happy than self-care and setting boundaries for yourself. I am happy to support their decision!

I think Maggie and I are very similar in that we are incredibly feisty. I too have a hard time with forgiveness, and her post on the topic was just what I needed this week.

Oh Kaitlin, you always speak directly to my soul. We really do have it all in our Savior and I thank you for reminding me of that this week. 

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  1. Happy Halloween! Those are some great posts and GREAT Nov goals. I learned to tie a tie with youtube videos. Now I always tie Josh's ties.

  2. I'm obsessed with snail mail!!

  3. Hahaha see I need to do that. Luckily my husband knows how but I want to learn too!

  4. Hayley GildersleeveOctober 31, 2014 at 9:38 AM

    I just LOVE that snail mail is gaining some traction again! I found a girl on Instagram who has spent this entire year writing a letter every day! I'm thinking about doing that in 2015. So cool, and such a fun way to connect with people.

    This is a solid collection of goals. Learning how to tie a tie is a great idea, I need to do that too! ha. Happy Halloween!

  5. That's really cool- thanks for sharing Hayley!!
    Ha! I have tried before but always fail... we can be in this together ;)

  6. Love that you are doing snail mail....it's one of the best things! We are big lovers of game nights too. So fun!

  7. I am so far behind on the bible reading. I tried catching up and became so overwhelmed with just reading and not experiencing the bible. I have taken time to catch up and am doing it at a pace that I am actually experiencing. I love this though and I want to be in the word more..I need to!

  8. Don't get discouraged! I don't plan to have it done in the year, but I'm sure as hell going to try! Sometimes I have to slow down to really take it in and I'm OK with that as long as I don't get TOO far behind :)

  9. I know, hopefully I can pull a game night off this month! :)

  10. I l.o.v.e. sending snail mail! I love getting it. I think it is so personal. Love that! I would also love to read a book. I have three little ones. Not much time at all. Love these goals. What a great idea :)

  11. Me too! and oh my gosh what I would give to read a book for my own enjoyment! Grad school sucks the desire to read right out of me haha

  12. Love these goals for November! A game night sounds like a lot of fun! I think I'll add that to my mental list. :)

  13. I love that everyone is into the idea of a game night! I just thought I was a nerd hahaha

  14. A game night would be so much fun! My family and I usually play Trivial Pursuit every Christmas, but I'm thinking of breaking out Ellen DeGeneres' iPhone app, Heads Up, this year - it's so much fun!

  15. You should try for another game night this month! I LOVE game night! By the way, good job on the letters girl! I went and bought all of these hilarious Halloween letters and totally forgot to mail them..#winning

  16. Oooooh I have heard such great things about Heads Up but I've never actually played!!!

  17. Haha thanks lady. Hopefully I can pull it off! :) Hey it's not too late to send Halloween letters! haha

  18. Game nights are the best! What's your favorite group game? Thanks for linking up this week - I am slowly catching up on everyone's faves!

  19. We also stayed in... :-) My husband goes to poker night every week, but I think a couples game night sounds like so much fun!

  20. I love game night with the fam!

  21. I LOVE Catchphrase! And Cards Against Humanity! You?

  22. So glad to know that I'm not too lame hahaha


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