Survey Results + An Announcement!

Reader Survey infographic Remember that little reader survey you were all so kind to participate in?! Well the results are IN! Just to give you a little background, 83% of the participants said they were themselves bloggers, and the majority of people have been reading Sage for 2-5 months. Thank you to EVERYONE who participated. I am hoping to start incorporating some of your feedback into this space! 

If you took the survey, you know I asked about whether or not you would like to see Sage offer sponsorships and the majority of you said YES! I was overwhelmed by the positive feedback and really took it to heart. SO here is where the announcement comes in!

Sage is now offering sponsorship options!

I am beyond excited to start this new adventure and see it grow along with me! I hope that you will check out my sponsorship options! My goal is to encourage community while supporting your blog. I will take the time to get to know YOU and your personal needs to see how I can best help you grow your own blog! I also plan to invest the money I make back into purchasing my own ad spaces and networking (which in turn grows YOUR blog)! I hope that you will join me!

Don't forget there is still time to enter to win a Gertie & Baxter infinity scarf!

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  1. I'm in the minority for age...ugh...such an old lady!! ;)

  2. Congratulations on the sponsorship step boo... That's such a wonderful opportunity for you! :) I can't wait to see what kind of growth and wonder happens in this season. :)

  3. Thanks Amber, I am excited and hoping this will be a positive experience. But I also know if it isn't for me, I'm not alone ;)

  4. This is amazing!!! Congrats!! :)

  5. This is cool and I didn't know that you are so popular. Congrats. :)


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