5 Months In- What I Have Learned

 Today I am beyond excited to welcome Kristyn to the blog. Kristyn is a newlywed just like myself. Her wedding was absolutely gorgeous and she shares updates weekly! Be sure to check them out- you won't regret it! I have asked her to be here with you all today and she could not have chosen a more perfect topic. If you love Equally Yoked, I know you will love this post as well!

Chits and Giggles
Hi Sage readers. My name is Kristyn and I blog over at Chits and Giggles. I am a newlywed, a 30-something, and an Atlanta native. I am just sharing little bits of my life including all the "Chits" and the "Giggles".

I got married in June - June 21st to be exact (same day as Cassie) - and I can tell you that I have learned a few things. When we were engaged, I thought that marriage would be easy since we lived together before we got married. And for the most part, it has been similar to before we were married, but some things have changed.

5 Months In - What I've Learned * I am not a marriage expert at all, but I have learned quite a few things in my 5 months of marriage.
Learn each others love languages.
Jeremy and I express our love for each other in very different ways. I like to be shown that he loves me. I like when he touches me and let's me know that I am important to him. He likes when I complete one of his chores for him. We don't have designated chores, but he does the chunk of the dishes and I do most of the laundry. Learning each others love languages and actually using what you learn about each other will help you express yourselves. And you won't get frustrated when he doesn't always express love the way you like. Knowing how he views love is really important in your relationship.
This one might seem like a no brainer to you, but trust me. You need to communicate. Over communicate if you can. We communicated when we were engaged, but I have made it a point in our marriage to communicate even more. We both come from divorced families, and I know for my parents, communication was nonexistent in the end. I clearly don't want to go down that road, so we communicate like it's no ones business.
Balance each others family obligations.
We are still working on this one, but you have to work on balancing each others families. Jeremy's mom and dad live out of state, but his sister is here. We don't visit as much as we should - and that is something we need to work on. We see my family (my mom, dad and sister all live in Atlanta) often. Balancing between seeing my family and Jeremy's sister is one thing we need to continue to work on.

What have you learned from being married? 

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  1. Thank you lady for sharing this post! It's crazy how much you can learn in such a short amount of time when you are married, but it's so true!

  2. Oh girl, I can SERIOUSLY relate to that!

  3. Great post! Love languages...yes! Thanks Kristyn for your insight! I'm a newlywed too (a year still counts right?!) and am learning these things too :)

  4. I'm convinced you're a newlywed for two years hahaha

  5. what a GREAT post! :) It took Josh and I close to 2, maaayyybe 2.5 years to figure out family obligations etc. it's hard. it's definitely a process but SO worth it! :)

  6. Love this post! I've learned so much in my first five months of marriage, too! My family lives on the east coast and we literally live in the same neighborhood as my husband's parents in Washington, so we are learning how to work out family time too.

  7. It's SO hard, we are still working on it too haha

  8. I love being able to talk this kind of stuff with other ladies that are in similar seasons! Makes it feel less challenging to know others go through it as well

  9. Hubs and I will be married seven months on Friday and we are learning all of these things as we go! We did live together before we got hitched, but there are still (and always will be) things to learn about each other. The communication thing will be a never-ending process as we grow together.

  10. Yes! We lived together a year before getting married and still struggled too (and continue to)!


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