2014 in Review

Can you believe we are less than a week away from Christmas? That just seems obscene to me, where did this year go?! Although I'm not necessarily ready to begin 2015 yet, I did want to take a moment to reflect back on the past year. It was arguably one of the best years of my life.

JANUARY. It's honestly hard for me to remember back this far. This was a month of rest for me; full of days working from home and sitting by the fire relaxing before the craziness of classes started. The weather was mostly miserable, but it did get up in to the 50s some days which allowed for some muddy bike rides with M!

FEBRUARY. Classes were back in full swing by this time of the year, and that's probably why I am choosing to block it out of my memory completely. Oops. This is why I love blogging, because without it, I can't even remember what I did yesterday!

MARCH. March was a great month! We had my "Taste of Home" bridal shower in Phoenix, I slaved over DIY wedding projects, and sent out our wedding invitations! I remember how excited I was to get RSVPs back.

APRIL. The month I returned to the blogging world after a hiatus. I immediately shared our engagement photos. We also spent some time in Kansas City working on wedding details and celebrating our first True False Film Festival experience. In April, we saw the first signs of life in our garden, watched the anticipated American Blogger documentary, and celebrated Easter with friends. This is also the month I started creating meal plans and I am happy to say I have continued it every month since. Not to forget this was also the month when I told you how our church plant changed my life.

MAY. This was a BIG month. FIRST OF ALL, WE HAD WINE TOGETHER and then I shared the beginning of my love story with you. After that came information overload about my personal wedding planning hacks, my experience with purity and waiting, and ten things NOT to say to a bride. And for those who could care less about my wedding, I shared 10 things I CANNOT deal with, some snippets from my childhood, blogging etiquette 101, and 10 things I would tell my younger self. May was a month of saving money for us, so it was only natural that I shared our money saving tricks. At the end of the month, I had a Vegas Bachelorette party.

JUNE. WEDDING MONTH!!! On June 9, we celebrated a year of engagement. After that, I poured my heart out about finding my identity in Christ and hating the idea of food restriction. Then, I officially became a wife on June 21. At the end of the month, I rambled about why I took my husband's last name.

JULY. The beginning of ALL of our wedding photos! We had a really great Fourth of July in Louisville and then followed it up with the travel experience FROM HELL. I also vowed to stop trying so hard which ended up in me sharing all of my weird quirks. I also told you how to be a cyclist and challenged you to get real about your marriage with others. We also went on a tour of our backyard makeover.

AUGUST. We spent the first 10 days of August in COSTA RICA for our honeymoon. It was magical. I drank a lot of coffee and learned some things about those magical little beans that I didn't know before. While we were gone, I shared my FAVORITE photos from our wedding: the details. I spilled the beans about my Grand Canyon love affair, cleaned out my iPhone, and shared my FIRST Stitch Fix!

SEPTEMBER. I got my bible study on and shared some tips, chatted about how to coordinate mismatched bridesmaid dresses, and my husband made an appearance to offer advice about choosing the perfect wedding photographer. I got serious about providing tangible support for friends in need, told a story about one of my favorite tattoos, and jumped the gun on my holiday wish list. The month ended with me sharing our Shutterfly wedding album and our vows.

OCTOBER. THE MONTH OF EQUALLY YOKED. This series has been amazing for me, and I hope you can say the same. A short reintroduction and a look behind the scenes were necessary thanks to the growth I had seen in my followers (SO AWESOME). October was the month we celebrate M's brother's wedding and traveled back home to Arizona. I also shared our WEDDING VIDEO and announced that I would start offering sponsorship options!!!

NOVEMBER. The beginning of graduate school hell and the holiday season. This required discussions about what I am thankful for in general and what I am thankful for about our town. It also obviously required a holiday gift guide. In November I was the co-host of a STELLAR tattoo linkup and I was FORCED to vlog. I also talked about my personal wedding registry dos and don'ts - a MUST read if I do say so myself.

DECEMBER. December marked the month we became members at our church, celebrated my birthday as well as six awesome months of marriage, AND I successfully survived another semester of school. YAY. I also talked about how to balance family during the holiday season, my 5 favorite affordable wines, and my skincare routine. We traveled (or will travel) to Arizona, Wisconsin, and Chicago this month. The saddest part about the end of December will be the conclusion of Equally Yoked. Look out for a little poll on December 31st where you can vote on your favorite post from the series! If you have nominations PLEASE send them my way in an e-mail or in the comments below!

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  1. I can't believe that we will both have been married for 6 months in 2 days. How did that happen? Time just flew by, didn't it? I did a post like this last year and it was so much fun to create it. I'm so grateful to blogging so that I remember what my state of mind was at the time (all year long).

  2. Crazy that we're at the end of another year!

  3. This seriously makes it so hard to believe it has been a year. How is it almost 2015

  4. happy almost half anniversary! it's so exciting. I'm happy to have shared this last half of the year with you! looking forward to the new year!

  5. You have had an amazing year sister!! I can't wait to vote on the favorite post - Equally Yoked was just awesome sauce :)

  6. Fun! I want to do a similar post! Your year was awesome! You'll always remember this one because of getting married, but some other awesome things happened too :)

  7. You have had such a wonderful and blessed year Cassie! I hope 2015 brings you even more joy!

  8. You totally should. It definitely was a year to remember!

  9. i don't really know how 2015 is happening....becuase it was yesterday that i got engaged and it was yesterday that i started teaching and it was yesterday i found you on instagram.......wait that was in 2012.....so 2013 and 2014 passed me without knowing it....crappppp



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