December Goals

So, I have pretty much failed miserably at my goals the last few months. So THAT'S embarrassing. But hey, that's why I put my goals on the blog. I don't want to be a public failure (ha!). However, it's my birthday month + Christmas and New Year's so I am really going to be a cheat this month.

Let's review November's goals:

1. Learn how to tie a tie. 
Major fail. I blame you Kylee. 

2. Send out 5 snail mail letters. 
Well, as of writing this I completed 3/5 so I am 60% done with this goal! hahaha... 

3. Read a book for PLEASURE.
So I'm kicking butt here. Well, sort of. I am almost done with Gone Girl, my husband and I started "The Cycle of Lies," AND I am reading Grace for the Good Girl. If I'm lucky I will complete one before the end of December.

4. Floss daily.
Not going to lie, I totally failed at this up until halfway through the month. Then I remembered my goal and I have been flossing EVERY day since. HA!

5. Host a game night. For reals this time.
Oops. Sorry friends. 

Here are my December goals:

1. Read a book for pleasure. 
2. Send out 5 snail mail letters.
3. Go to Chicago (AND MEET NINA AND EMILY!)

What are your goals currently? 
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  1. Great goals! If you're looking for a pen pal, I volunteer as tribute! ;)

  2. Are you going to count Christmas cards as snail mail letters? If so, you can meet your goal easy peasy!

  3. Don't judge me but we don't send out Christmas cards! Maybe when we have kids. I did send out like 50 wedding thank you's but didn't count those.

  4. No judgement! I haven't sent Christmas cards in a while, but since I'm away from family, I might do it this year.

  5. my dad may be a dentist. i may be on the struggle bus with flossing. *MAY BE*

  6. If you have google hangouts I can do a tutorial for tying a tie. ;) I also volunteer for snail mail! *insert hand raise emoji here*

  7. That makes me feel so much better. Especially because I literally just got back from the dentist and have ANOTHER cavity AHHHH

  8. I'd say you did pretty well with your goals for November. Flossing everyday even getting halfway through the month is a win in my book! Good luck with your December goals!

  9. I'm counting it as a fail considering I had a cavity when I went to the dentist today but thanks for the encouragement! hahaha

  10. I love your snail mail goal! I love writing & receiving letters. I'll send you my address if you'd like to write back & forth!

  11. That would be so fun, please do!!

  12. I love your goals Cassie!

    My December Goals:
    1. STICK to my christmas budget
    2. 31 day prayer challenge
    3. cook more food
    4. surprise home date night
    5. take an afternoon to explore nature
    6. share the gospel with my Dad

  13. I'm so excited about your last goal - going to Chicago! Take so many pics :)

  14. I feel so special that I was one of your snail mail letters :) That made me so happy! How are you liking Gone Girl??? And I am SO excited for you getting to meet Nina in Chicago! How exciting! This week I'm going to Seattle and get to meet Tiffany and I'm super excited! When are you going to Chicago?

  15. Seattle! Fun. We are going near Christmas. And Gone Girl is good, I'm almost done!

  16. floss daily. man i need to like be slapped in the face for that reminder haha.

  17. Me too. However, today the dentist said my teeth were super close together so I was doing something right hahaha

  18. ugh i want to go to chicago too. WHY IS IT SO PERFECT THERE.





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