Taking Stock / 03

It has been a while since my last "Taking Stock" post so I figured it was time for a little update! It has been so fun to look back on these and I really enjoy writing them.

Making: my husband think I REALLY need a puppy. Because I do. I'm even writing a post on why... and I'm taking suggestions.

Cooking: every meal possible in the Crock-Pot. I can't decide if I am really smart or if I am just too lazy to cook a full meal.

Drinking: WATER. The Midwest makes me feel dehydrated ALL THE TIME. I don't know what the deal is but I easily drink 100 or more ounces of water everyday.

Reading: SO MANY GRADUATE SCHOOL READINGS. It never ends and the last thing I want to do after is read for fun... BUT I am actually reading "Still Alice" right now. It's about a psychology professor with early onset Alzheimer's. I'm loving it so far!

Wanting: a break from graduate school. I love what I do but sometimes it can really wear on me.

Looking: for more books to read over my "break." I am taking suggestions!

Playing: "Gone Girl" on audiobook. I'm so close to being done but finding the time has been difficult! I've also been looking forward to Serial each week lately.

Wasting: water. Seriously, what is better then a HOT shower when it's freezing outside? And what is worse then getting out of the shower when it's freezing outside?

Sewing: HAND-WARMERS. Ya'll, I am NOT a crafter. I have zero DIY talent. A few weeks ago I decided I would HAND STITCH hand-warmers for our neighbors this year. They are pathetic and odd looking but I AM SEWING THEM. That deserves a cake.

Wishing: everyone an amazing holiday season.

Enjoying: my "me" time. Whether it's an hour at the gym or curling up with my laptop to write a blog post, I really need time to myself. Being married, as awesome as it is, will really teach you how to appreciate the time you have to be still by yourself.

Waiting: for elf on the shelf to go away forever. I'm sorry, I just can't.

Liking: the fact that I get to start taking Sign Language classes again. Sign Language and the Deaf culture are such a passion of mine. I can't wait!

Wondering: what our Christmas traditions will look like once we have kids of our own.

Loving: my husband. He has picked up so many of the chores around the house the last few weeks with how crazy my schedule has been. I am forever grateful.

Hoping: that this little blog doesn't suffer from the crazy week I have ahead.

Marveling: at all the people that have sponsored this blog. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to offer other bloggers something. Well, I guess I was wrong. I am been overwhelmed by the sponsorships I have received in my short time of offering them!

Needing: assurance. Sometimes I wonder if I actually truly know and understand what life God has given us through Jesus. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy, a time for remembering what He did for us. I have really been asking myself: do I really understand what sacrifice Jesus made for us?

Wearing: layers on layers on layers.

Following: SO MANY NEW BLOGS. I can't get enough. There are some amazing ladies out there with hearts of gold.

Noticing: the areas of my life in which God is working. And the areas where He still has plenty of work to do.

Knowing: that God is always in control. I can stress all I want, but nothing I do is on my own anyways.

Thinking: about how special it is to have a church that is passionate about sharing the gospel with our city.

Feeling: overwhelmed, tired, worn down. These are the times I desperately crave Jesus and the times that I rarely even think about Him because I am so busy. I've been praying a lot that He would change my heart and teach me how to rely more on him.

Bookmarking: all things blogging. You can never know enough, right?

Opening: ALL THE BIRTHDAY GIFTS. My birthday was yesterday and getting gifts is always a blast!

Giggling: at GOMI. yikes.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday!!! How exciting! :) and "Waiting: for elf on the shelf to go away forever. I'm sorry, I just can't. ".... me too my dear, me too. I can't. It will never appear in our house. praying for you as well to feel less overwhelmed. <3

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sorry you have such a stressful week coming up, but hope you can get some rest! PS I love that you drink that much water! That is awesome!

  3. Thanks lady, I sure hope I will survive haha. And YES I swear I'm part whale haha

  4. For starters...yay on sewing..also I had no idea about your interest in sign language. I learned a bit on it years ago and loved it just never stuck with it! Happy Birthday!!! Sorry I missed it!

  5. Happy Late Birthday!! I am a crockpot lover also! So easy and everything turns out great! Also, I am cracking up over the Elf on the Shelf thing..We have one but it does get to be a bit much! I kind of wish they would disappear, but I have made an effort to incorporate Jesus in with our Elf everyday!

  6. I like the idea of incorporating faith into the Elf, but it still just terrifies me and seems sadistic for some reason hahaha. And thank you!

  7. Oh Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a fantastic day! I am SO glad I am not the only one who can't stand that little Elf on the Shelf jerk haha!

  8. 1. Dogs prepare you for children in a lot of ways. Put toys away, in 5 minutes your floor is littered with toys again. Potty-training. Staying up all night when they're sick. Cleaning poop and vomit.
    2. Nothing warms your heart more than coming home to a dog. There is seriously nothing else as great as their excitement to see you. Gone 2 minutes or 12 hours. And nothing you do makes them not love you!
    3. Entertainment. My dogs keep me laughing so much every single day.
    4. (Depending what type of dog you get) Our dogs require exercise. It's a good excuse to get us out for evening walks together (our favorite part of the day...no electronics, just us, walking hand in hand, with our little family). It always causes us to go running. And hiking.
    5. Cuddling. So so much cuddling. Great for nights when your significant other is gone.
    6. Drop food? No need to pick it up.
    7. Scraps of meat don't go to waste seeing as raw diets are great for dogs!
    8. Protection. Studies say best defense against an intruder is a deadbolt. Second is a dog. Third is a security system and fourth is a gun.
    9. They're cute to look at and play with.
    10. When you do have kids, they dogs become their best friends!!
    I can come up with more. Let me know if you need more ;)


  10. hahaha YOU ARE AWESOME! I hope my husband read this... the human society is have a $2 dog special right now hahaha

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday! Also--dogs are amazing (especially puppies) because they are so snuggly and fun! They are ALWAYS happy to see you when you get home and will love you unconditionally until the end of their days. They are so funny and make you laugh even when you don't feel like it. Also, crock-pots are genius and should be used all the time.

  12. Thank you! And SEE I need a puppy.

  13. I'm with you on the long, hot showers. It feels so good on my cold toes and fingers!

    What are you getting your graduate degree in?

    I love that you're open about needing assurance. I wonder the same thing myself: do I really understand what Jesus has done? Do I really live in the reality of that? I think the more we ask the questions, the more we'll live out the answers.

  14. I'm getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology!!!

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that questions my understanding of assurance!

  15. You absolutely need a puppy. As for suggestions how to convince him, you HAVE to read this post: http://www.thegirlwholovedtowrite.com/2014/08/how-to-convince-your-husband-to-buy-you.html

  16. I could stay in the shower FOREVER in the winter time!!! Also, sometimes when I'm really cold at work, I go to the bathroom and run my hands under hot water for a REALLY long time. Is that normal? haha!

  17. Hahaha I'm not sure it's normal but it's surely GENIUS

  18. AHAHAHA I HAVE READ THAT POST. It's what inspired this whole craze hahaha

  19. I will go ahead and tell ya now sister, a puppy is work. And it'll be a GREAT test for your marriage, trust me. LOL! But I do love my pups so dang much. Can I just say... I am beyond excited that you are taking a Sign Language class?!?! As a hearing impaired person, this makes my heart so happy! Hunter and I are going to learn sign language as well (go figure, I have no idea how to sign).

  20. Awesome! I am already conversational in ASL but I want to be able to use it in treatment with Deaf/HOH clients! Awesome! It's super easy to learn! And YES we know a puppy will be a TON of work which is honestly kind of why it hasn't happened yet- we like our freedom haha

  21. ​That is too cool - we can't wait to learn! Haha! That's very true, that freedom is pretty nice :)

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