November Goals + Blogger Love

November goals
 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We are being lame and staying in tonight to hand out candy together and maybe watch some scary movies!

Let's recap October's:
1. Send 5 snail mail letters. 
 DONE. I hope birthday cards count because I sent out an obscene amount this last month!

2. Plan a romantic date for M. 
How did the month get away from us so quickly? This one will have to wait... sorry babe!

3. Keep up with my chronological bible study. Join us with the hashtag #inthewordin1year
I'm about 9 days behind, SHAME ON ME. However, I have been keeping up and doubling up where I can to make sure to cover those few days I have missed!

4. Host a game night. 
FAIL. This month was much crazier than I had planned!

My November goals are as follows:
1. Learn how to tie a tie. 
2. Send out 5 snail mail letters.
3. Read a book for PLEASURE.
4. Floss daily.
5. Host a game night. For reals this time.

What are your goals for November?

And now for some Blogger Love!

The Florken's post about standing up for what was important to them made my day. Nothing makes more more happy than self-care and setting boundaries for yourself. I am happy to support their decision!

I think Maggie and I are very similar in that we are incredibly feisty. I too have a hard time with forgiveness, and her post on the topic was just what I needed this week.

Oh Kaitlin, you always speak directly to my soul. We really do have it all in our Savior and I thank you for reminding me of that this week. 

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Equally Yoked: What Is Fidelity Really?

I'm so excited to be here with you all again for another Equally Yoked! Today we are talking fidelity with Rebecca. Rebecca's heart for her husband and the Lord is undeniable and I am so honored to have her here today. Fidelity is something I feel can be challenging to learn, especially being a female, so I am SO happy Rebecca is sharing her heart with you on the topic today.

Hi, my name is Rebecca and I blog over at RebeccaChapman.com. I am so honored that Cassie has allowed me to talk to you today. I grew up in California singing and writing songs and today I live in Nashville and work at a record label. I met my husband at church a little over three years ago and we were married last September. When I was younger, it was always my dream to be with a man with a southern accent and I am so lucky that my handsome and loving husband just happened to be born and raised in Tennessee.

When I got married, I made a vow of fidelity to my husband. And when I thought of fidelity, I thought it just meant to be sexually faithful. While that is a huge part of fidelity, I’m finding that there is so much more to it than that.

The dictionary defines fidelity as faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

Meaning to truly show my husband fidelity, I need to support his dreams and give him a safe place to express his desires without feeling like I am judging him.

I need to show my husband loyalty by sharing my joys and challenges with him instead of just my friends.

I need to be emotionally invested in my husband more than any other person in my life.

And for the most part, those things are easy. At the end of the day I cannot wait to tell him how my day was and hear about what he did. I love hearing about his dreams and goals for the future and make a point to show him that I believe those longings can be accomplished. My husband is without a doubt the person I am most emotionally invested in.

But, I admit I sometimes fall short. Sometimes I only tell my mom about a certain struggle I’m having and I assume incorrectly that my husband shouldn’t be bothered with it. Other times I vent to my friends about challenges we may be facing in our relationship instead of discussing it with him directly. And worse still, when my husband shares some of his dreams with me, instead of acting supportive, I worry about how his pursuits will affect me.

Proverbs 31:11 says of a capable wife, “Her husband trusts her from his heart, And he lacks nothing of value.” And I want that for my husband. I want him to feel like he can trust me completely with his feelings, his aspirations, and his challenges because I am his most loyal companion. I want my husband to know that I come to him first and foremost with all my high and all my lows. I want him to feel secure in knowing that I am not only sexually faithful to him, but I am guarding my emotions for him as well.

Connect with Rebecca:
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See more from the series HERE.   

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Men Tell All #2

That's right, the husband is back AGAIN for Blogger Men Tell All (with my commentary added in, of course)! Also, can I just brag on how HOT my husband is?! Even with that mustache! If you're looking for the #inthewordin1year study calendar, you can find it at the bottom of this post!

1. Is Halloween your favorite holiday? If not, what is?  
No. Although the candy as a young, chubby kid (who still craves sweets like a...well...chubby kid to his candy) was hard to pass up. If you knew what his version of "chubby" looked like you would laugh. But, I would say that the family time around Thanksgiving makes that my favorite.

2. What do you plan on dressing up as for Halloween this year?  

I don't even want to fake that I haven't given it the slightest thought because it just is not that important to me. He's lying... he wants to be a tele-tubby. It's the only logical decision.

3. What is your go-to drink (alcoholic, non-alcoholic)?  

As a non-drinker, I would have to go for Root Beer or water. He's serious, I have to do allllll the drinking (ha)!

4. What’s your favorite scary movie?

On a completely entertaining level, Candyman (there is that candy again). It is so quintessentially freaky and weird for an early 90s movie release. On a mildly unrelated topic: the first time I watched this film, I was the manager of a historic (probably haunted) auditorium/theater on my college campus. I would occasionally rent movies and go watch them on the big screen with friends when we were closed and this was one of our near Halloween flicks in that creepy, old and dark theater. H's a rebel I tell ya.

5. What is your best Halloween memory?
Every Halloween is a bit different, and this may not be my "best" memory as far as good feeling goes, but I remember going out in middle school with my good buddy, Rick. He lived 6 doors down from me at the time, so we spent a lot of days and nights at each others houses. We were either too old according to my parents or to ourselves, but we weren't out trick or treating that year. We were walking down the street in between our two houses and a car drove by, clearly filled with high school students, and they yelled something at us. So, we, as adolescent boys, yelled something back. The car immediately stopped and 2 or 3 kids ran out. Rick and I didn't know what to do, so Rick ran one way and I went another. He dodged behind his house and I went down the street into a water run off channel. I hid there for maybe 5 minutes until I was confident the coast was clear. I walked back up to Rick's house and he was sitting on his porch making sure it was actually me who was walking up instead of those kids. We spent the next 30 minutes laughing and recounting our time spent "on the run." He really means to tell you his best Halloween was last year with me when we went to bed at 9pm.
Becoming Adorrable

Don't forget to grab your study calendar for the month of November! This month is going to be a good one!

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Gluten Free Alternatives

If you haven't heard by now, I've been gluten free for about the past year. Yes, I might indulge in beer and desserts every now and then, but for the most part I try to avoid gluten. The most common misconception I hear about going gluten free is that it's expensive. Well, today I am here to tell you that's not necessarily the case. Sure, you can find things that are ridiculously priced that boast their gluten free qualities as being superior to others, but not all products are like that. There's also the thinking that going gluten free is hard and that you have to give up "all the good things." And hey, I'm not going to lie- it ABSOLUTELY can be hard. However, there are plenty of other easy options out there! Here are some of my personal favorites!

We don't eat a lot of pasta around these parts, but let's be real- it can be SO MUCH EASIER to just make pasta some nights when you are in a hurry. Our favorites are Barilla and Ronzoni. They boast affordable prices (maybe 30 cents more) and taste just like regular pasta! 

My husband does most of the baking in our house, and his favorite so far is Pamela's Baking and Pancake Mix. We actually prefer pancakes and baked goods made with this flour because they taste more dense. It can be a challenge to get the consistency down right at first, but once you figure it out you won't be able to tell the difference! This mix seems to have a steep upfront price, but it definitely lasts a lot longer than regular mix due to its thick consistency.

Our favorite all purpose flour is Domata. It's great for making pizza crust and bread. Honestly, it functions similarly as the baking mix above but we just prefer it for certain things!

Seriously, who wants to ever give up pizza? Luckily, most restaurants are starting to have gluten free options, but what about those nights where you just want to pop a frozen pizza in the oven instead of having to make your own? NOT I. Frozen pizzas CAN be on the pricier end of some gluten free products, but sometimes it is worth it!

It took me a LONG time to come around to the idea of gluten-free beer, and there are still many I absolutely despise. If I'm not looking to meet my gluten quota for the week with a beer, I usually turn towards a gluten free option. My favorite is Estrella Damm Daura! I have found the price of this beer to be about the same as others.

I know this alone probably won't convince you to go gluten free, but I really do encourage you to try eating gluten free a few times a week at the least. There are a number of benefits associated with limited gluten intake (but that's another post in itself)!

Are you gluten free? What are your personal favorite options?

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