Introducing: Adproval Courses + Meet Jenny

Adproval Courses

Have you been thinking about making the switch to Adproval? You're not alone. I have had numerous inquires about Adproval over the past few months, with more and more bloggers thinking they are ready to ditch their current hosting site and go with something more uhm... customer service friendly.

That's why I am teaming up with Adproval to bring you a series of courses. Each course will be an hour long and will take place via Google Hangout. Included in each course is IMMEDIATE access to the New BETA Adproval and an opportunity to enter a giveaway to use Adproval without a commission fee forever (should you choose to make the switch).

So, what's covered in each class?

Topics covered in the basics course will include:
-What is Adproval?
-What does it mean to be an Influencer?
-What is it going to cost me?
-What's the deal with their payment system? What is Stripe, anyways?
-Open Q&A

Topics covered in the details course will include:
-The Nitty Gritty: How does it work?
-Ad space options
-Run time/duration
-Statistics and tracking
-Promo codes
-Open Q&A
Each course comes with a comprehensive outline of the main points. Not sure which one is for you? Feel free to contact me and I can point you in the right direction. Be sure to sign up quickly because spaces are limited! If the courses run out of space, please e-mail me about being placed on the wait-list.

Today I get to introduce you all to another one of my lovely sponsors. Jenny is a wife and mother who also takes amazing photographs and creates lovely one of a kind pieces of jewelry. Stay a while and get to know her!

Hi everyone!! My name is Jenny and I blog over at Dancin' With A Dolly and am owner of the Hole In Her Stocking Designs. Besides blogging and designing jewelry, I am a photographer and a writer. Oh yea and not to mention a wife, mother and caretaker of my father. You can say my plate is full but I wouldn't change a thing. I love everything I do and if you check out my blog you can follow the crazy journey that is my life.

Well, Cassie had a few questions for me that will hopefully let you all get to know me just a little better.

1. What are you passionate about? 
I am passionate about many things but I would have to say my family, writing, designing jewelry, blogging, photography and working on getting a brick and mortar shop open in the near future.

2. If you could travel to one place in the entire world, where would it be and why?
Paris is definitely my dream vacation ever since I was young. I took French for ten years so it would be great to finally put what I learned to use although, that isn't my main reason for wanting to go. I always wanted to visit Le Louvre because I love art history. I would also love to photograph the whole city, it seems like a photographers dream.

3. If you could learn anything, what would it be and why?
I am a nerd who would still be going to college if I could afford it. I love learning and would go forever if I could. So there are so many things I would love to learn to do but right now I am on a sewing kick. I would love to be able to sew my daughter and I some dresses.

4. What's your weirdest quirk?
I have a slight hoarding problem. I need things in bulk, every color, variety, etc. It's a compulsion. Don't worry you can walk in my home but the closets may be jam packed. I wrote more about this problem here.

5. What's something you wish everyone knew about you?
I am pretty much an open book but one thing I wish everyone knew about me is that I am a very picky eater. In other words, if a 5 year old won't eat it, chances are I won't either. I know this is bad. But people I don't want to go to the new Sushi place or that trendy Thai place, Applebees is great, thanks!

I hope you got to know a little bit about me and will stop by my blog and stalk either one of my Instagrams: blog here and jewelry here. I always look forward to making new blogging buddies! xoxo

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  1. Love this! I hope everyone makes the switch to Adproval and ditches the other for good. The end :)

  2. I'm so pleased with adproval! I have you to thank for me getting into the beta version! I hope your classes really help people make the switch!

  3. I am so glad I switched to Adproval. And how awesome for you to be partnering with them to offer these courses!! You are the best at helping people understand Adproval and I'm sure everyone will want to switch after your classes.

  4. I sure hope so!!! I'm super excited about the classes!

  5. Thanks for today's feature. It's been fun teaming up this month. As far as Adproval I haven't had any issues with the "other" yet but is it true they don't accept Paypal as payment? I know that's a big deterrent for a lot of people when it comes to purchasing an ad from someone with Adproval.

  6. It is and it's something I'll be chatting about in my courses. It's not that they don't accept Paypal- you have options to create custom contracts and invoice through Paypal. They use Stripe which is also a secure form of payment, similar to Paypal. It's true it has become a deterrent which is unfortunate because Stripe is secure and Adproval has far better customer service overall.

  7. Lady, you ROCK. I think these courses are going to be so helpful to people!

  8. I really hope so! I've already put a lot of time into developing them so I really hope more people sign up!!!


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