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Influenster XO Vox BoxInfluenster XO Vox Box
It's always a happy day when you find out that you have been selected to receive a Influenster box. A few weeks ago, I found out I would be receiving the XO Vox Box at my door step. When it finally arrived, I was so excited to see what was inside. I'm not going to lie, this box was a bit of a let-down compared to some of the others I have seen, but overall there were some great products I am happy to have come across. Here's the deets on what was in my box (sorry for the crappy quality):

Influenster XO Vox Box


1. Tide Pods with Febreze. OH MY LANTA these are easy breezy. Get it? Febreze. But all jokes aside, I love how easy it is to just toss these in the washer and be done with it. They left my sheets smelling amazing. However, I usually don't buy things like this just because of the price point (we're cheap). That being said, I might consider it in the future (maybe when I'm done with graduate school and have a big girl job).

2. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste and Brush + Whitener. This is slightly embarassing but I have some yellow teeth. It's partly genetic and partly due to my coffee habit. I have actually tried the Optic White toothpaste in the past and didn't have great results. BUT, I usually don't have great results no matter what I use. I have been using the built-in whitener the last few days and although I haven't noticed a drastic change, I do like the applicator and texture of the whitener. Usually, whiteners taste AWFUL and are unbearable to have in your mouth, but this one you just apply and let dissolve and it doesn't even have a taste. Just for that, it's a winner in my book.

3. John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Treatment + Beach Blonde Collection. Confession: I haven't actually tried these products yet. I usually save travel sized shampoos for the gym, so I will be trying them out this morning. If you're dying to know, leave a comment and I'll let you know what I thought (bad blogger). 

4. Skinfix Hand Repair Cream. MIRACLE CREAM. But seriously. I am an alligator in the Midwest and my hands are constantly cracking and peeling. This hand cream is a GOD SEND. Do yourself a favor and go buy some now.

Not pictured

5. Adore Me Lingerie. This is where things get weird. I was told my "XO" Vox Box would include lingerie but come to find out you have to sign up for a VIP membership (a monthly subscription) to get it. I'm totally the worst at signing up for things and forgetting to cancel them before my "free" trial runs out, so I admittedly didn't even try to get my "free" lingerie. Sorry y'all.

6. Land's End Promo. A similar case here. I got a spend $100 save $25 gift card. No thanks. BUT, I used to think Land's End were grandma clothes until I started creeping them on Pinterest and they actually have some REALLY nice J-Crew like clothing! I was pleasantly surprised.

Have you tried any of these products or would you consider trying any of them?

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  1. It's interesting how they send out different boxes around the same time. I FINALLY picked mine up from my parents' house last weekend (since when I took the pre-survey, I was still in Ohio, but wasn't sure of the timing of shipping), but I have the "Refresh" VoxBox. I've shared a few thoughts so far on Twitter and Instagram, but haven't integrated the products into a blog post yet.

    I am glad I didn't get your box only because I have brown hair! I couldn't use those blonde products!

  2. Interesting! I'll be curious to see what's in your box. Usually they tailor shampoos and stuff like this to your actual hair color before they send it :)

  3. I'm with you, we don't buy the pods either because of the price. We don't even buy pods for the dishwasher (of course, the dishwasher is so ancient that it requires powder detergent anyway!) ... Skinfix sounds like a winner!

  4. We buy pods for our dishwasher only because they help decrease buildup which makes it last longer, but most other things we don't!

  5. I probably wouldn't have wanted to sign up for the Adore Me Lingerie either because I HATE having to cancel things like that! It just seems like it's always a hassle!

  6. ME TOO! I know, just one more thing I have to remember to do! haha

  7. Totally with you on never remember to cancel subscription services and most subscription company's are always the worst to deal with in regards to getting a refund!

    Also, thank GOD I'm not the only one who didn't have any luck with that toothpaste! I kept seeing everyone rave about it online and plus they have a YouTube ~beauty guru~ in their commercial so I was like oh man this stuff is definitely awesome. Yea noooooooooo - I used it for like a month straight and seen NO difference at all. I suppose I could lay off all of my coffee intake if I'm really feeling bummed out about my stained teeth but then again the world wouldn't want to deal with a non-caffeinated Kerri! lol

  8. YES! I think, at least for me, it's mostly genetic too and I haven't had much luck with any kind of whitening line or product. BOO.

  9. I love LOVE LOVE the Tide pods. Those things are a life changer. I didn't know that they made them with Febreze, so I will be checking those out soon. We just bought a new batch, but I'm all about good smelling things!

  10. Anything you can just pop in the washer is a win for me!! ;)

  11. I just signed up for Influenster! I need to give Tide pods another chance apparently. Last time they left blue spots on some of our clothes; could have been user error? I actually love Lands End for swimsuits. They're a bit pricey but last FOREVER.

  12. Oh fun! You'll love it. The pods have specific directions I followed and they worked well! And I'll keep that in mind about lands end!

  13. I admit, I got this Influenster box and I haven't tried anything yet. I'm such a bad blogger in that respect right now. Oops. I also just skipped my Adore Me subscription because I was really worried I would somehow not be able to cancel my subscription and end up having to pay money each month for lingerie I didn't really want right now.

  14. AGREED. I'm glad to know I'm not alone- I slacked on trying a lot of them until the last minute!


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