5 Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Healthy While Training

Keeping your marriage healthy while training

My health is important to me, but Jesus and my husband are more important. When I got married last year, I wanted to be cognizant of how I was spending my time. I wanted to shepherd my time wisely, which meant trying to find the balance between my passion for training and my love for my husband (and all the other responsibilities we have in life). Thankfully, my husband also has a passion for racing and we have been able to use it as a tool to keep our marriage healthy. These are the 5 things that have helped us to keep our marriage healthy while training.

1. God. By keeping our hearts focused on God, we have been careful not to let training become either of our idols. We know that without Jesus, we cannot have the marriage we desire. We also know that He is the one that gives us the ability to race in the first place, so He is always our number one priority. We are careful not to let training get in the way of church obligations or prayer...

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  1. Such a great post! Training is a time commitment for sure..but also takes your energy! Great tips

  2. I think it's SO great y'all both like racing!!! Love your desire to keep God first!


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