#morethanaframe: FEAR

#morethanaframe FEAR

Another HUGE thank you goes out to all of you who participated in #morethanaframe again this week on instagram. I have loved watching this community flourish and grow together!

This week we talked about F E A R and how we are facing it with B R A V E R Y. This week I learned that we all struggle from similar heart issues. I learned that we are all broken and in need of Jesus to help us face those fears with bravery. I also learned that this community is so brave for showing their vulnerabilities to each other. There were so many encouraging posts that spoke straight to my heart. The following are a handful of my favorites:

The prompt for this week is FEAR. I'll tell you what I fear: being single for the rest of my life. The person who wrote the above note is my best friend's little girl, Brailyn. She is almost 7 years old and I've barely dated the entire time she has been alive. But you know what? The opposite of fear is being BRAVE. 💙 To me, being brave is being the third wheel and truly enjoying yourself, being the girl who takes an interest in a guy, it not being reciprocated, and being okay with that. Brave is definitely being the bridesmaid that constantly gets asked "when's your turn?" and just smiling without feeling defeated. I'll never know why some people get married at 19, some at 50, and some never do. If there is one thing I want to keep doing bravely: it's showing Brailyn that I will still make memories with her, with or without a ring on my left hand. #morethanaframe #fear #brave
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Some people find it easy to be fearless...not me. I'm afraid of horror films, violent crimes, losing the people I care about, being alone, not having control in my life...the list goes on. What frightens me lately is the world. There is so much bad out there, reading the news regularly makes me want to bury my head under a pillow and not come out for weeks. How do I raise children in a world seemingly filled with so much anger, hatred, violence, evil? How do I keep them safe? How do I keep the evil of the world away from them? I look at their faces every day and I fear that I will fail them somehow, that I won't be able to protect them as well as they need. I could ball myself up in that fear and never take them outside the house but I have to find the strength to be #brave - I have to 'let go and let God'. I have to trust that I am not alone in trying to protect my children, that He watches over them too, and even better than I do. I have to have faith! #fear #morethanaframe
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Fear can be something that grips us and stops us from being who he has called us to be or do the things he's called us to do. I've realized some of my fears have lasted a few years because, well, it can be hard to be brave in our callings. I personally have had a fear the last two years that I am too small to make an impact or that it won't actually matter. Lately my most tangible fear is something I've kept bottled up for months until a few days ago when the stress became too overwhelming. My fear was that maybe God is just buying me time right now by me not becoming pregnant. This fear comes from constantly hearing about a possible uterine rupture while pregnant, which could end my life. Some how over the year and a half this little sneaky lie came over my heart that this will happen, when in reality it's just a possibility. What also helped manifest this into a large fear was that I feel like I am in a really good season of life and of course that means you die after (who knows). But it got wonky and it was something I stressed about on the daily. Fears are often lies, that you need to power wash and smother with his truth, facts and the shinequa hand. Don't let fear cripple you or grip your heart - surrender each fear and blow that stink right off you so that you keep moving forward towards God and his calling for you in your season. #morethanaframe
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F E A R ... I've never really been afraid of much. I don't like scary movies, I prefer to not be touched by a bug or see a snake but I'm not gonna freak if those things happen. I love adventure ... Roller coasters, cliff diving, any new foods ... It even rolls over to trust. I'm almost too trusting of new people. And that's what brings me back to F E A R ... 2 months ago I moved from Indiana to Florida. I knew 3 people within 100 miles of my new home and one of them was my husband. I moved without hesitation ... Remember I'm adventurous... But it got pretty lonely pretty quick. I'm an introvert making new friends isn't second nature to me. So I'm fearful it'll take a long time, fearful it'll never happen, fearful to put myself out there, fearful of being burned, and even fearful I'll lose all my people back home ... But I know that when I leap and hold fast in my faith HE will catch me. So tomorrow I'm taking a leap here at splitsville, meeting new blogger ladies who will hopefully soon become friends and one lovely friend in real life for the first time ... #morethanaframe #friends #bloggers
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This week's prompt for the #morethanaframe community is F E A R. and how we confront it with B R A V E R Y. This is a photograph of my beautiful mama, candids that weren't as in vogue as they are now. I love them. She looks so happy and in love. My parents meant their vows and raised a family. They are good people. They tried and yet...when I was in high school, they divorced. I love these photos of my mother SO much. But when I think of these photos and what took place twenty years later, I feel so much #fear. My biggest fear in life is vulnerability in relationships, giving my whole heart to someone and living wholeheartedly with another person and in community in general. We were meant for community and I've been hiding parts of myself from it. There are no promises. I've seen failure and wounds in my life and in others. Recently, I've started to be honest about this fear to myself and on the blog. The latest entry talks about this. In the last few weeks, I have been confronting this fear with #bravery. First, I had to lay it all out there. God has met me as I have offered up this fear to him with honesty and openness. I'm also forcing myself to step out in faith and do one thing a day (at least) that scares me in the vulnerability department. I want to be married and have kids someday. I look a lot like my mom and someday I would like to look a lot like her in these photos with as much happiness and joy but there is no guarantee that I won't be hurt (In fact, it's a guarantee: people hurt each other. I'm talking a major wound. After experiencing my own, I have been hiding in fear of #vulnerability). In opening up, I've experienced INCREDIBLE support and resources and love. I've been reading so many books and listening to TED talks and sermons and I know I am not alone in my fear and I won't be alone in choosing day by day, and sometimes, moment by moment, to be vulnerable and open to what God has for me. God always meets us where we are. And he sends people to meet us there too (people who recommend awesome things like the work of @brenebrown and lots of other things). Thanks to @thatsageblog and @mrthomasandme #morethanaframe #holdersnotfolders
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And in case you missed mine:

This week's #morethanaframe prompt has been a challenge for me so far. When we first decided on it, I had no idea what I would share. Thankfully, God put something on my heart. Something I have always F E A R ed was being abandoned. I feared that people would just leave me; that I would have to do life alone. It's funny to say this, because I'm pretty independent and hard headed, but when it comes down to it, I think that's a coping mechanism. See, I used to hold so tightly to relationships with men that did nothing but break me down. One in particular really solidified I was willing to sacrifice the majority of my self-respect to not feel abandoned. With friends, I just told myself I didn't need them. I could be independent and alone and just "do me." I pushed people away in order to avoid having to experience the possibility that they would abandon me. At the time, I just told myself I was better off without them and their flaws. This MAJORLY changed when I was saved. Jesus taught me that I didn't have to be B R A V E on my own, but I did have to trust him. I had to trust that people would leave, and that was completely out of my control. However, I also had to have faith that He would be enough when that time came. It's funny because years later when I became a believer, God blessed me with my husband. Now, I can't guarantee he will never abandon me because time is temporary and we all leave here at some point, but I can rest in knowing that our time together is precious and that if something bad did happen, it would kill me, but I would still be able to get up every day and know that God is good-- that he is still standing behind me. Now, I can invest myself in community even when it feels hard and lonely and frustrating because I know that God is there. I'm never going to be abandoned. That old F E A R is history and instead I can be B R A V E because of Him.
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Thank you for the opportunity to look deeper into each of your heart's this week! I can't wait to see how this community continues to develop. 

Haven't joined in the fun yet? There's still time! Be sure to keep you eyes peeled for next week's prompt!

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  1. i normally don't get too into instagram hashtags, but i have loved this one so much. it's been really refreshing to see all the genuine thoughts and feelings, and creativity in this community. excited for next week already!

  2. You have NO IDEA how happy that makes me. I also love really seeing people take their captions to heart and share a side of them that doesn't always get shared on social media. So happy to have you participating! I LOVED your post this week and can't wait to see what you come up with next week!!

  3. I'm loving this community of hashtags - I don't normally participate in them so much, but obviously this one was perfection and wonderful and honest. Thanks Cassie!

  4. THANK YOU! It has been really fun to see your posts! I'm really glad you're enjoying it!

  5. this is so great and i am so glad you posted these ones because i missed some and they are powerful!

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  7. It was SO HARD to choose again- there were so many great ones this week!

  8. Hello, this is my first time visiting your blog, and I just want to tell you that you have something amazing going on here. I love this post so much! I love how everyone contributed to this project, it just made me realize that we are all afraid of something. Thank you for putting it together!

  9. What everyone else said! I am loving this community so much. Excited for more awesome weeks to come!

  10. I really truly love the #morethanaframe project. Everyone's responses are beautiful and so pure.

  11. This is quickly becoming something I look forward to each week. Thank you for encouraging me (and so many others) to open up and share ourselves a little more.

  12. Love this! A journey shared is twice as powerful!

  13. Candice, I'm so glad you found us! We are so happy to have you joining us!

  14. I couldn't agree more. It's so cool to see people opening up!

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  16. Isn't that the truth?! Thanks for joining us!

  17. Thanks for including me. And a bigger thank you for this community.


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