#morethanaframe: FRIEND & Bloggy Pow Wow

#morethanaframe: FRIEND

As I have said week after week, THANK YOU for being a part of #morethanaframe. Amber and I could not be more pleased with the community that has developed and continued to thrive over the past six weeks. Many of you have asked what the future of #morethanaframe looks like. What I can definitely tell you without a doubt is that the future looks BRIGHT, very bright.

After much thought, we have decided to take the month of June off and come back strong with new prompts starting in July. That being said, we want to encourage you to continue using the hashtag and connecting with others. Just because there aren't prompts to guide what you share does not mean you cannot continue to be raw and vulnerable with one another. Keep an eye out for the prompts as July approaches!

This week's prompt was FRIEND. As always, I was blown away by the interpretations. I'm so happy we chose to end this round of #morethanaframe on this prompt! Here are my favorites from this week:

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FRIEND: a word that can have ANY adjective placed in front of it and completely change the meaning. I had a different post for this week's prompt for #morethanaframe but today's events turned me upside down. The world lost a sweet soul today to suicide. πŸ’” I don't feel right proclaiming our "friendship" because we were more like acquaintances, but we respected each other and spent time together. I think that's the part of friendship that people forget - no matter what the title, if you created lasting memories with someone and care about them, you are their friend. πŸ”· I will never forget the memory behind the above picture. It was Labor Day weekend five years ago. We were headed to Jeremy's parents lake house but we made a pit stop in Vicksburg because Jeremy was convinced something was really wrong with his lamp. It turned out that all it needed was a new bulb, but our time together was never brighter. You will be forever missed, Mary Ellen.
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FRIEND - someone who will always run with you when you want to race! Who shares their snacks with you without asking. Who holds you up when you don't even realize you need the support. Who loves you unconditionally (even though they know all your secrets!) Making big geographical moves since college, I've had the pleasure of making friends in many places, but also the sadness of having to leave them all behind each time I went somewhere else. It makes me truly treasure the deep, lasting friendships that I still hold. Making new friends is always hard - even more so as I get older. Being in a new (ish) location again means I have to get outside my comfort zone and try to make friends once again. But I am wary. Wary because I've said goodbye to so many already, wary because it takes time to invest that I worry I just don't have right now. Wary that I won't find anyone I 'click' with in that way I've lucked out with before. #friend #morethanaframe #makingfriends
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for the #morethanaframe theme of #friend, I give you a metaphor. πŸ’™friends: the people who have not only seen your booty but may have added paint to it in a body art sesh that included naked butts, paint, canvases, and a mess one can clean up but memories (and canvases) which will last forever. #hypothetically πŸ˜‚ Friends know where the bodies are buried, have seen the worst version of you and push you to grow, giggle with you, laugh at you when you forget how to laugh at yourself, and are real with you–not quite to the level that they would tell you if you had an ugly baby but almost. Friends comfort but also push you out of your comfort zone in the best, most healing ways. πŸ’™ Friendship is given without expectation and returned in the same manner. It knows no distance, puts on no airs or pretenses, asks tough questions, loves unconditionally. πŸ’™ Humans fail so that means friends do too but friendship does not fail because love does not fail. To my friends: here, there, and everywhere, new and old: I πŸ’™ ya.
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And in case you missed mine:

 Will you be joining us again in July?

This coming Sunday I'll be talking about Building Community in the Blogosphere in this month's virtual Bloggy Pow Wow, which takes place this Sunday, June 7th at 8:00PM-9:00PM EST. If you're not yet familiar with the Blogger's Pow Wow, it's essentially a monthly Google Video Hangout with me, Emily (Ember Grey), Christine (The So-Called Homemaker), Anne (Love the Here and Now), Meagan (All the Joys), Amanda (Knock on Wood), and Melissa (The Rambling Llama) where we spend a little time socializing and catching up but then also talk about that month's topic. The awesome news is that we have since opened this up to you guys, depending on how many spots are available (Google Hangout only allows 10 people per hangout) and this month we have SIX available spots!

**Enter the rafflecopter giveaway below for a chance to win one of the six passes for this weekend's hangout! The winners will be announced and notified Saturday morning, the day before the Pow Wow!

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More info about the Blogger Pow Wow Hangout: 

How Does it Work?
The first Sunday of each month, one of the aforementioned bloggers above will "host" the discussion. The hangout will be from 8:00-9:00 PM (EST). Each month will have a different topic. Don't worry... there will be time to talk and get to know each other as well. It won't be strictly business.

Do You Know What the Topics are Yet?
This month's topic: Building Community in the Blogosphere
Future topics:  Blog Designs, Linkups, and Changing Platforms
(Past topics have included: Advertising, SEO, Writing Style and Process)

Have a topic you don't see mentioned but would love to see added to the list? 
Let us know by emailing me or leaving a comment below!

How Can I Sign Up?
While signups have varied in the past, this month's Blogger Pow Wow signup will be through the giveaway/rafflecopter above. There will be six winners.

What Is Expected of Me?
Come with questions! Other than that, not much. We do suggest, however, that you bring your beverage of choice. I'll likely be drinking wine myself. Be ready to talk, get to know other bloggers, and laugh.

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  1. I'm so sad I can't make it again this month! I'm definitely coming next month!

  2. These prompts were so much fun! I really cannot wait until July but I do plan on hashtagging it up until then. Happy Friday friend :)

  3. WOOP! soo happy to hear y'all will be bringing this back. I really loved seeing all of the different posts for each prompt. Plus, yay for new friends!! :) Can't wait for Sunday!

  4. We are happy that you're loving participating :) It's so fun for us to see!!! Yay! See you Sunday ;)

  5. Thank you for including me, friend!! I loved this! I can't wait for July!


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