15 Things to do in San Antonio, Texas

15 Things To Do in San Antonio, Texas - Sage the Blog
Last week we were fortunate enough to spend an entire week in San Antonio, Texas. I definitely did not know what to expect, but everyone kept telling me I would love it. Once we got past the more touristy stuff and into more of the local scene, I realized how much I really did like it. We also had some great friends that showed us around! We will definitely be returning. 

1. VISIT THE ALAMO. But be prepared to be underwhelmed. I'm not a huge history buff, so I wasn't terribly excited to visit in the first place. My favorite part was the cat that lived on the property... oops.

The Alamo San Antonio

2. SAMPLE BEER AND VIEW ART AT BLUE STAR. This is a newer, trendy area with great art galleries and restaurants. We checked out the actual brewery and they had GREAT beer with super friendly staff!

3. SEE A SHOW AT THE ARNESON RIVER THEATER. We were lucky enough to be around during the San Antonio Current's FREE Coors Light Concert Series. We saw a variety of bands including Los Skarnales! Such a great time at an amazing venue.

Arneson River Theater

4. DO A BARGE RIDE. Seriously, for $8.25 a ticket, WHY NOT?! It's a fun way to see the city through a different lens and get an "insider look."

5. WINE TASTING IN THE HILL COUNTRY. While we were in town we were lucky enough to stay with Kelli and her husband, Kevin. They took us to the hill country one day where we all went wine tasting! It was so great to finally meet Kelli and spend a few days together!

Wine Tasting Texas

6. VISIT FREDERICKSBURG. This is a quaint little German town just outside of San Antonio with great little shops!  Be careful because everything shuts down around 5pm on Fridays!

Fredricksburg, Texas

7. EAT AND DRINK ALL THE THINGS AT PEARL. This is such a great area with too many good food and drinks, not to mention some cute shops. It's an old historic brewery turned modern. We loved Southerleigh, Cured (which also has a GREAT happy hour), Arcade (which is sadly closing), and Lick. They also have a great farmer's market on the weekend that sells some mean crepes.

San Antonio the Pearl
San Antonio Cured

8. RENT BIKES. San Antonio has this great program known as B-Cycle. For $10 a day, you get unlimited 30 minute bike rides. We rented the bikes and rode all around the city! We saw some hidden gems of downtown San Antonio like murals and hidden urban parks.

San Antonio mural

9. EAT RIDICULOUS AMOUNTS OF MEXICAN FOOD. There is no shortage of Mexican food in San Antonio. Whether it's fresh tamales from a food stand, Tex-Mex on the River Walk, or a small cafe in La Villita, you can't go wrong.

10. VISIT BRACKENRIDGE PARK. This is much more than a park. It hosts a number of trails, the zoo, and even a Japanese tea garden. The perfect place to ride a B-Cycle in order to escape the immediate downtown area.

Japanese Tea Garden San Antonio

11. EAT AT ALAMO SPRINGS CAFE. Thanks to Kelli and her husband, we were informed we HAD to stop at Alamo Springs Cafe for burgers on our way to wine tasting in the hill country. PRAISE JESUS WE DID BECAUSE O.M.G. So good.

12. VISIT LUKENBACH. I feel like I am going to have a hard time explaining this place. It's famous for being a great country music venue. They had bar cats and longhorns, so it was definitely an experience!

13. GO TO A FOOD TRUCK PARK. San Antonio has no shortage of food truck parks. Take your pick.

The Pearl San Antonio

14. SING KARAOKE AT THE LIQUID MONKEY. Because why not? You'd be surprised at some of the amazing country singers that come out of the woodwork.

15. WANDER THE KING WILLIAM DISTRICT. This is a great little historic area that is definitely more up and coming (or so I have been told). It has great food, a variety of bars, and amazing old buildings that have been converted to eating and drinking holes.

Esquire Tavern San Antonio


Have you been to San Antonio? Would you add anything to this list?

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  1. Some of my favorite pieces at home are from La Villita. I miss Texas a lot these days!

  2. We didn't get to go in any shops but we did some window shopping!

  3. Wine tasting ANYWHERE is a good choice!

  4. So fun!!! Peter has traveled there (for work) and loved it, I would love to visit sometime!

  5. You would love it! So much good food!

  6. Love love love :) Ha! Yes...everything was closed after 5pm in Fredericksburg! Guess we should have gone during the day but I'm glad we got some boozy chocolate and went into a few stores. We had such a blast with y'all and loved getting to show you around the San Antonio area. I hope y'all got a photo of the guy riding the longhorn at Luckenbach. That was a hoot!

  7. i haven't but how fun that you and Kelli got to hang..and at the same time Bex and I were together. Lol

  8. What a great list! I have always wanted to go to Texas but now this post has me really excited to add it to my road trip list. I love that you met up with Kelli...how fun!

  9. I have never been to Texas, but what a fun list! The food truck park...oh my goodness...sign me up! I love your pictures and am glad you had a great trip!

  10. Yay! Fun post :) We went to Fredericksburg and San Antonio for our honeymoon! We LOVED Fredericksburg and absolutely want to go back. Please tell me you went to the chocolate shop where they sell those whiskey/wine chocolates! Oh my goodness best. thing. ever. We also really enjoyed the National Museum of the Pacific War. Jordan is a HUGE history buff and thought that was just the coolest. We stayed in a cabin there and had so much fun just walking around looking at all the shops!

    The Alamo is entirely underwhelming for sure. No argument there. It's fun to see once but nothing super special. The best part are the "artifacts." -- aka, Here is a musket that may have possibly been used around the time that the Alamo existed. ??? Um, cool? I don't know.

  11. Ahhh I love this!! This sounds like so much fun!

  12. Hahah I'm sure Matt did! Thanks again for having us!

  13. Too funny! It was such a blast!

  14. We DID do a lot! We walked like 10 miles everyday!! AND YES TO CAT AND MEXICAN FOOD!

  15. You definitely should go. There's something for everyone!

  16. It was my first time spending any significant amount of time there. AND YES! ALL THE FOOD.

  17. WE DID GET THE CHOCOLATES!!!!!! So good. We didn't go to the museum but I hear it's great. I'd love to go and stay in a cabin!

    And I totally agree about the Alamo!

  18. It was a blast, you should definitely try to get out that way!

  19. Yes you should, Kelly! :) And come see me! hehe

  20. Dang girl! You hit up a ton of things! I love it! How fun! So glad you got to go to Fredricksburg - love that cute town! I was just an hour away from you too! Pinning this post now - such a good recap full of so much good info!

  21. Renting bikes is the first thing I try to do when I get to a new city. I love that so many places have those kind of bikes now, and all over the place. I have explored many destinations that way and I am so happy you were able to do it as well. I love San Antonio and it sounds like you were able to do so much!

  22. Get married.

    Wait, that was just my parents. And then me, about 30 years later.

  23. Us to! If we drive, we usually try to take our road bikes because those can be clunky! It's such a fun way to see a new city!

  24. We really did! Thanks for pinning :)

  25. Awesome! I have yet to plan a trip to Texas, but you can be sure I'll be coming to you and this post for tips when I do! It sounds like it'd be worth it for the Mexican food alone...

  26. Looks like fun! I've never been there, and haven't spent much time in TX at all, actually. Seems like there was no shortage of good food and things to do/see!

  27. I hadn't either and didn't have much of a desire to but I'm so glad we did!


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