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Did you hear that #morethanaframe is back?! That's right! It's not too late to join the fun!

This week's prompt was PRACTICE. To be honest, I really struggled with the prompt this week. Practice is something I often overlook, but you all reminded me of just how important it is. Here are my favorites from this week:

"Thank your body for your practice today" is what I hear a couple minutes after 7 every Monday night. For the past 4 weeks, I've made yoga a consistent part of my schedule. It isn't easy; majority of the time I want to just stay in child's pose because I constantly struggle with all of the moves. The word practice can be used thousands of ways but I think P R A C T I C E (for me) means you acknowledge what you are doing physically. You keep going, keep trying, never giving up so little by little you improve. Each week, the teacher thanks us for sharing our practice with her during savasana (adult nap time) and I smile. She doesn't have to thank us for our practices, but she acknowledges our hard work. Whatever you are practicing, thank your body for what it does for you each and every day. "Practice makes perfect" may never happen for me and you know what? That's okay. #morethanaframe
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Did you know Dad taught me to ride a bike when I was little? I asked her. Yup, my little sister told me, just before her fifth birthday. He told me all about it. I continued: and did he tell you we practiced in a parking lot? This intrigued her. I did not tell her that even now as she practices with training wheels, someday she will be taken to a vacant parking lot to practice without those training wheels. I did not tell her that practice of this sort often involves falling, skinned knees, even some tears. Practice for her now is hard enough, what with the steering and sweating up baby hills. Maybe I should have told her about the bloody knee during one of those practice sessions just so I could explain to her the thrill of pushing the pedals all on my own, the wind in my hair, only a bit shaky at the beginning. But you see, to #practice with determination riding a bike up hills under a helmet that slips forward and to practice without training wheels are as different as they are the same. I won't say practice makes perfect because I am fighting against my own perfectionism. I will say that those memories of practice may hold something magical, powerful enough to be passed down from one sister to the next. The practice is just as important, perhaps more so, than the achievement (which is really hard for an overachiever like me to say). Linking up with @thatsageblog and@mrthomasandme for #MoreThanAFrame prompt of #practice
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This week's #morethanaframe topic is PRACTICE, and something I've been practicing lately is battling insecurity & over-analyzing with truth. I have always been an over-analyzer, always always always. I can be a class A people pleaser, but it really has nothing to do with pleasing people, and everything to do with finding my identity in being a "liked" person. Recently, I've realized that's not going to cut it anymore. I've been set FREE from people pleasing & finding my identity in being liked, so that I can truly love like Christ loved. That kind of love changes the world, so it's time to start claiming the freedom that is already mine. What does this practically look like? It means when I catch myself feeling that insecurity boiling up, I preach truth to myself instead. "You are enough, you are never too much, God made you specifically and uniquely for HIS glory." And you know the coolest thing about preaching truth to yourself? It gets into your heart, and it changes things.
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I've lived a pretty neat story in some pretty neat places over the past couple of years. There are a lot of people, I've discovered, who think that my life looks like National Geographic every day, or that I'm constantly engaged in some adrenaline-pumping crazy adventure. That's just not the truth. If I'm not in a classroom, you'll often find me here, armed with coffee and a journal, decompressing from all the stories I've heard and the burden I feel so heavily for my students' souls. You'll find me ordering a smoothie from my favorite smoothie lady, or peeking in a coffee shop to say hello to one of the regulars. You'll see me hanging out with a fruit seller while he and his wife teach me Thai, or practicing that Thai with Hasina while she makes me roti. You'll find me playing peekaboo with the son of my landlord, or visiting my favorite 711 barista. I'm learning that living life cross-culturally is not about stringing together grand experiences that make for good pictures or Lonely Planet tips. It's about learning how your neighbor lives and joining them, tasting the food they eat, walking the streets they walk, and listening to the stories they've lived. #Thailand #travel #morethanaframe
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  1. alwaysablogsmaidJuly 17, 2015 at 5:55 AM

    I am always humbled every Friday when you use my post. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for participating every week and sharing such great captions/photos!!!

  3. I struggled with this week's prompt too. Kind of for the same reason as you. I didn't want to right: I hate practicing the piano and got away with doing very little studying and still got A's. Hmmm. Probably not the point. Then I had that moment with my sister and it hit me over the head. Thank you for including me. ANd though I have said it many times, thank you for starting this community that has me struggling to think through important prompts ;)

  4. OH yeah, a good friend of mine really has had her patience tested with their son but she has also grown a lot because of it

  5. You're welcome. Thanks for always being so willing to share your heart with us.

  6. I love reading your Friday posts with #morethanaframe because if I missed something over the course of the week on Instagram I at least get the highlight reel! Love reading the different interpretations!

  7. LOVED this week's prompt and all the posts above!

  8. So glad you like these, I definitely get mixed opinions about them. I love having these photos documented somewhere because they can get lost in the IG shuffle as time passes!

  9. I love the Best Wife trophy! haha! Awesome. Thanks for sharing these :)

  10. these are all so amazing! I seriously love the best wife award!


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