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Want to learn about the #Richness in life? Look through the eyes of a (just turned) five year old. Everything is exciting (even on a perfectly ordinary day). Everything is new (even on a perfectly ordinary day). You are constantly learning new things when you're five years old (even on a perfectly ordinary day). I held her, my sister, on the day she was born and suddenly, the world took on a richness I never knew before. I kept holding her (still do) so when her eyes first took in color, imagine that richness she experienced. And when she learned to walk, I encouraged her as a big sis. Imagine the richness that comes to your world when you can finally move on your own. The older she gets, the more I cherish things that make me rich as a big sister: that I can still hold her on my hip (and that she lets me), that we can nap snuggled together, that her imagination is still wider and bigger than anything real in this world. She makes me aware of the areas of my life, I keep paltry. If I watch the way I talk about my body in front of her because I want her to have a positive body image, then I should be talking about it that way all the time. If I intentionally tell her how much the world loves her, I should be doing the same for myself. I could go on and on about how her life and my love for her teaches me #richness constantly. Maybe I will on the blog Thursday. Linking up with #morethanaframe and @thatsageblog and @mrthomasandme #ItsABeautifulSummer #Sisters #LittleSister #Sissy #Bests #thatsdarling #thatsdarlingweekend #thatsdarlingsummer #HoldersnotFolders #Summer #Swimming #NBCreativeInc
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