Fit Snack: Love or Leave?

FitSnack Subscription Box Review
I'm sure you understand by now that Fit Snack is a subscription box carefully curated each month to include 6 – 9 different items that are not only delicious but are also designed to provide clean energy to support an active, fitness-focused lifestyle. Each of the items are nutrient dense, consciously made, and diversified energy. Each box is "balanced" in that it attempts to accomplish the Perfect 10.

What is the Perfect 10? The Perfect 10 focuses on products that have/are high protein, complex carbohydrates, low sugar, GMO free, organic, sustainable, gluten free (!!!!), paleo, clean eating and raw. In other words, there's something for everyone! Each box also includes a Fit Snack workout, recipes, and a number of additional resources. I love being able to take my snacks along with me to work or on a workout!

I know you guys have seen these posts before, so I wanted to do something a little different and share the items from this month that I loved and those that I would leave.

FitSnack Subscription Box

Things to Love: 

1. Columbia County Bread & Granola. OH MY GOSH THIS IS AMAZING. This is absolutely one of the best products I have received thus far from FitSnack. It was really tasty in yogurt with some dried cranberries added. The best part is, a little goes a LONG way with this granola since flax seeds are so nutrient dense.

2. Skinny Pop. I debated putting this in the "leave it" section simply because it was just popcorn to me. However, I liked the snacking friendly size it came in and it ended up being a really great work snack. I have a portion control problem when it comes to popcorn, so this helped keep me on track.

3. Justin's Almond Butter. HELLO DUH! I love all things from Justin's. You can't really go wrong. I like to add almond butter to toast or oatmeal with a dash of honey to sweeten it up!

4. Honey Stinger Energy Chews. I use Honey Stinger gels often for long runs and bike rides. I wasn't sure how I would feel about chews because my jaw often tenses up on long workouts. However, I had no problem chewing these and they were super tasty and easy to eat.

5. Trophy Farms Peanuts. I really enjoyed the salt ratio on these (is that weird to say?)!

FitSnack Subscription BoxThings to Leave:

6. Muscle Werks Supplement. To be honest, I didn't try these. I don't believe in supplements marketed for weight loss.

7. Caramel Chocolately Peanut Level Life Bars. I'm really picky about protein bars and these just didn't do it for me. I struggle with anything that has too much peanut butter flavor too, so I didn't love these.

8. Yummari Chocolate Banana. There was something about the texture of these I just couldn't get on board with..

The Verdict
As usual, there were more things in the box that I loved and considering FitSnack's affordable prices, I'll keep subscribing to this service! Boxes start at only $15 per month + S&H! I'm also excited to share that when you use my special link to purchase a box, you will also get a free Fit Snack Gym Jute. Don't miss out!

If you're not ready to subscribe yet, you can still get healthy tips from FitSnack via instagram!

Have you tried FitSnack yet?

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