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I don't know about you guys, but I think this was a PERFECT way to end #morethanaframe. WORTH is such an universal thing we struggle with as humans and it has been so cool to see everyone come together and share in that struggle with one another.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who has made #morethanaframe such a success. I hope you continue to use the hashtag to build community and lift each other up.

Here are my favorites from this week:

"The level at which someone or something deserves to be valued" is how the dictionary defines W O R T H. For me, my brain automatically thinks in terms of self-worth. If your single like me, it's easy to get caught up in engagements on Facebook, the next wedding invitation in your mailbox, the ever ridiculous "every kiss begins with Kay" commercials and start to feel worth-less. Some days, I feel like I'm the only one on this planet not getting asked out on dates, much less trying on wedding dresses. But then I think of this truth: You are not defined by your left hand; just because someone has a specific piece of jewelry doesn't mean you are any less valuable. 💍 Unfortunately, the quote above also applies to what happened to me on the interstate Monday night. My ability to drive safely caused me to get flipped off by some blonde 16 year old girl. It's ironic considering her reckless boyfriend almost hit me. But then I thought about that phrase again - her left (middle) finger doesn't define me in the least. Shiny diamonds and road rage these days are fickle; remain true to who you are and when times (or entire weeks) get tough: pray to Jesus. He is the only one who is truly WORTH it. 🙏 #morethanaframe
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Worth. The easy answer is that my #worth is found in God. But living that way? It's easier said than done. And for most women I talk with, it's a constant thing, going back to His promises: He sings over us, we are beautiful to Him, He calls us beloved. I never realized how shallowly these truths penetrated until I had a little sister. Would I ever want her talking about herself the way I talked about myself? Would I want her thinking about herself the way I thought of myself? I could cry at the thought. So I work harder at not just knowing those truths about my #worth but living them out, letting those roots grow down deep, letting God do his work on me, turning me into the person He wants me to be (and a big sister whose worth is found in Jesus). Joining up for #morethanaframe with @thatsageblog and @mrthomasandme #biglittle #ballet #ballerina #sisters also joining up with #holdersnotfolders #family both prompts happen
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If I could possibly count your worth, it would be never ending. You were the first man I loved and you have always been my biggest fan. Whether on the sidelines of a soccer game, a voice at the end of a 100 meter sprint, an Eagles serenade as you spun mom around the living room, or our daddy daughter dance that November night I became a wife. You have always been an unrelenting selfless support. These next few months bring uncertainty as well as a new "norm" for our family. I want you to know your tribe of girls is strong, and we are ready to help you fight this battle. I wouldn't be the person I am today without you, and I only hope that I can show you how much you mean to me, and our family! Cancer SUCKS, but we will kick its ASS! Move over little dog, Curt's coming through! Love you forever, your Baby Blue. #cancersucks #lymphomasucks #journeytodayzeroandbeyond #morethanaframe #worth #bonemarrowtransplant #stemcelltransplant
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•today was blissful. Instead of worrying about homework and finals {which are finally all over by the way}, or packing, I worried about absolutely nothing. I let the breeze of my favorite beach dry my dripping wet hair. I let the pages of the book I haven't had time to read fill my fingertips. I let what is coming to be in my life, enter in slowly like the changing of the tide. I let the waves crash over my head and thought about what God is, and not what power He has to fulfill my version of His will for my life. He is faithful and glorious. He gives us nothing but hope, joy, love, peace and life. Within the next few days, my life {literally} will be in boxes. Not a new thing for me, but it feels different this time. How desperately I will cling to Him and His promises. To the One who has this thing all under control, forever be glorified.• #belovedlife #bedeeplyrooted #cheflife #culinarystudent #instagood #keepexploring #livesimple #livelovenourish #livethelittlethings #livethesimplethings #lifelivedbeautifully #morethanaframe #movenourishbelieve #theeverydaygirl
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And in case you missed mine:

I’ve been trying to put together the perfect caption for #morethanaframe’s prompt of WORTH this week. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely rocking me. See, I have this fear of being “that girl” on social media and in the blogging world. I don’t want to be perceived as that Christian girl that is naïve about the ways of the world because she believes in this person called Jesus. I don’t want to have a perma-smile or seem unauthentic. I want people to know that I STRUGGLED to find my true worth and that it didn’t come easy, and sometimes it still doesn’t. Before I was a believer, I mocked people like who I am today. I called them ignorant, easily fooled, and fake. At that time, I gained worth from my accomplishments, from busting my butt day in and day out, and from building up my own kingdom. Why did I need Jesus when I had already built these “great” things in my life? Well, let me tell you. I thought I knew my worth. I thought I felt confident and secure, but I didn’t. It’s true that I found my worth in my accomplishments back then, but I also found it in codependent relationships with others, abusive men (more like boys) “wanting” me, and conforming to social pressures just to be “part of the crowd.” I spent time with people that made me feel bad about myself, chased after things that would never satisfy my need to feel like enough, and behaved in ways that make me feel horrible about myself afterwards. But I only realize most of that in hindsight. Now that I KNOW my worth is in Jesus, I can see how unworthy I felt before. How I placed my worth in the hands of the world and what it could do for me. I couldn’t see that before I knew Jesus. So whether you’re a believer or not, if you find yourself searching, all I ask is that today you consider if you really know your worth, or if you’re chasing after it in all the wrong places. I’m not going to sit here and tell you religion is the solution, because I would have laughed in your face back then. But I will tell you that Jesus is the solution. If you do one thing today, consider where you are finding your worth. If you’re still searching, let’s open up a dialogue today with each other.
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