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Finding a fitness headband that actually fits my head has always been a struggle. I've also found I'm pretty picky. Here are the criteria a headband must meet and how UV HALF BUFF measures up to those.

1. IT MUST FIT CORRECTLY.  Fitness headbands are always too big on me which causes them to slip while I'm running (or doing any other activity). The UV HALF BUFF doesn't face this problem. I love that you can wrap or roll the Buff to make it the perfect size for you. When wearing it around my arm or leg, I just double it. When wearing it on my tiny child-sized head (it's alright... you can laugh), I roll the bottom side of it. The perfect fit every time.

2. IT MUST ABSORB SWEAT. I mean, I don't sweat.. I just sparkle. So it has to absorb sparkles. And it does just that. I'm amazed by how much water the Buff can hold during long runs and bike rides. Sometimes, like when I'm walking my dog, I like to put it on my arm or leg because that's where I sparkle the most.

3. IT NEEDS TO PROVIDE SUN PROTECTION. The Buff doesn't only provide a great fit, but it also provides sun protection! That's right, it keeps the sun fun while blocking 95% of harmful UV rays. For someone as paranoid about sun damage as I am, this can't really be beat.

4. IT MUST BE VERSATILE. It needs to work for running, cycling, walking, backpacking, dog walking, gardening, etc. I live an active life and I need something that can work with my lifestyle. I hate needing different products for different activities. Buff is a one stop shop!

5. IT NEEDS TO BE CUTE. I'm not a girly girl at all, but I want something that looks nice while I'm wearing it. The UV HALF BUFF comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns so you can find the perfect style.

Basically, the UV HALF BUFF meets all of my criteria for a fitness headband AND it has a number of other functions. Thankfully for you, I have some good news! You can use the code "BIBRAVE10" to get 10% off your very own Buff! Happy shopping!

Do you have a fitness headband you love? Why do you love it?

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