Fit Snack August Review

I always love reviewing my Fit Snack boxes every month. I'm going to be taking a little break from these posts for the next few months in order to recharge, but let me tell you: WE ARE STARTING THIS BREAK ON A HIGH NOTE. I know I say every month that I loved my box, but this month, that was especially true.

Hands down my favorite item from this month's box was the Purely Elizabeth Granola. It was pumpkin spice flavored and this time of year, I'm all about that. I took to to lunch one day for work and added it to some granola and I know my life was CHANGED. I love that it suggests you add milk directly to the package.

One of the other items I was really excited about were the Trophy Nut Almonds. I love almonds and it was really awesome to keep this package in my purse for when hunger strikes (and before it turns in to hanger.. amen?).

Other items included in this month's box included a Kutoa nutrition bar, Don't Go Nuts Dips, Runa energy tea, Morning Sunshine cookie, Balance Nutrition bars (took these on a hiking trip and they ROCKED), Love Grown Foods ceral, Yummy Health protein chips (I couldn't get on board with the cheese crisp ones, sadly), and the MRM Veggie Elite protein.

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