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Remember when I reviewed the UV Half Buff last month?! Well, this month I got to try the UV Full Buff and I'm so excited to tell you more about it! This Buff has all the same features I loved about the Half Buff, but it also has a few additional things I really love.

Since I have been so sick the last few weeks, I haven't been running very often. Thankfully, we went camping over the weekend and I was able to try my Full Buff out in a variety of new ways including canoeing, hiking, and swimming!

Here's what I love about the Full Buff:

1. IT KEEPS YOU COOL. I loved being able to dip my Buff in the lake and then wear it around my head or neck. It retains just the right amount of water so that it doesn't feel wet but still cools you down.

2. IT PROVIDES SUN PROTECTION. The Full Buff provides even more sun protection than the Half Buff! It was BLAZING hot this weekend and I loved being able to add an extra layer of protection to keep from burning.

3. IT'S LIGHTWEIGHT. It's important to pack light on long hikes, so I really appreciated how lightweight the Full Buff was.

I have to admit, I think the Full Buff will become more practical during the cooler months of the year when I want to cover more of my face and head. It's a lot of material that isn't super necessary when it's so hot outside. During the warmer months, I definitely prefer the Half Buff!

How do you keep cool while doing outdoor activities this time of year? 

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