Sometimes following Jesus doesn't make sense. Sometimes following Jesus is uncomfortable and challenging and, frankly, it can be terrifying.

A few months ago, our pastor encouraged me to start leading a hospitality team. Guys, I'm not hospitable. I was terrified. I'm a introvert who doesn't feel super comfortable talking to people I don't know, who feels awkward and doesn't know what to say during first introductions- it's not good.  But I did it anyways. I followed God's lead and listened to Him clearly pointing out a need in our church. A church I love like my own flesh and blood.

And you know what? Sometimes I am awkward. Sometimes I don't have the right words. But you know what else? I love people well and I deeply care for them. I want them to feel known and I want them to know they have a Savior. I pray they will know a God who is bigger than the things I can offer them and the words I have to offer. I want them to see Christ, and not me. See, it's not about me or the things I say or do. It's about me allowing God to work in me. To use me as a tool to further His kingdom. All he asked was that I follow Him, not that I become a perfectly hospitable person.

Sometimes I fight self doubt. I tell myself I have no business being in this role and that I'm not sure I am the best person to lead. But then, I see a video like the one below and I KNOW this has a purpose. I know that God uses us in things because he believes in us, not because we are the PERFECT person for that role and not because we have it all figured out.

This video touched me in so many ways today. Not only because my love for God, the church, community, and sign language, but because this girl went out on a LIMB to love someone well. To share the gospel with them when they didn't even speak the same language. That's faithfulness and that's trust in God. Imagine if we were all this trusting of God's lead and plan? How would our lives look different today?

Want to know something scary? Something I have only told my husband and Amber? I feel God leading me to ministry. Quietly nudging me. Do I feel adequate? Sometimes. Do I know all the right things to do and say? No. Do I feel like I'm the perfect person to fill this role? Most likely not. Do I have ANY idea what this means for me? Certainly, no. But you know what? God is stirring that desire in my heart and I'm willing to faithfully trust His lead.

If the video doesn't work, you can access it HERE

So tell me, how are you following God's lead? In which areas might you follow it better?

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