Tulsa Run 15K Recap

Last weekend we road tripped it to Tulsa for the Tulsa Run. We were a little worried about the weather because it was raining all day Friday. Thankfully, when we woke up Saturday for the race it was only drizzling and ended up clearing up once the sun came up!

When we got in on Friday we briefly stopped at the expo. I was in and out in no time. There were a number of vendors with some awesome discounts, but I wasn't able to stay too long to check them out. We got a SWEET technical long-sleeve t-shirt that had a fun Halloween theme and an over the shoulder tote bag. 

The run takes place in downtown Tulsa. My first thought was: great, are we going to be able to find parking? Thankfully, parking wasn't a problem. The parking was free since it was Saturday and we found a space just a few blocks from the race start.

We got to the start line a bit before the race so I could meet up with a few of our other pros. We also got a chance to talk with Heath, the race director! I had heard that there were a few problems with having enough water in previous years but Heath assured us this should absolutely not happen again this year. Thankfully, each water station was packed with both H20 and electrolytes (Gatorade). The race had gear check which is always lovely for the colder months of the year. We were standing right next to the line, which grew VERY large towards the start of the race. I'd suggest getting in line EARLY if you ever do this race.

Laura and I made our way to the start line just a few minutes before the gun went off. We stuck together for the first 3k or so but my lack of training caught up to me after the first hill we came up to. This course is known for being hilly. And it is hilly... for the Midwest. The hills were rolling hills and none had too steep of a gradient. Definitely something manageable.

The scenery was really great and I loved seeing all the people that had dressed up for the race. It was a fun, laid back race with tons of people and tons of entertainment throughout. The traffic control was wonderful (thanks Tulsa PD) and safety wasn't a concern.

I raced well considering I hadn't trained past 5 miles in my training cycle (thanks illness and injury). I wanted to average 9 minute miles (about 15-45 seconds slower than my average) and I ended up keeping a 9 minute pace almost the entire time! I finished in 1:25:28 which I was really happy with considering my training, the fact that I had to stop to use the bathroom (the first time that has ever happened to me), and the course. I am forever grateful for the guy in the orange below that encouraged me during the last mile because I was a STRUGGLE BUS. This is clearly evident in the lovely photos my husband took of me (that's sarcasm).

At the end of the race there were boxes with snacks, a live DJ, food trucks, and of course beer. We didn't get to indulge very much because we were freezing, but it was a great atmosphere and I loved that it was right downtown in the middle of everything. The finisher medals were super cool and I loved that they were consistent with the Halloween theme. Super spooky!

 I will definitely be participating in the Tulsa Run again in future years!

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