Advent and Hope

I've only been a believer for 3 years and I never really understood Advent until last year when our church did a topical series on it. This time around, I feel like I walked into the season feeling particularly hopeless and, honestly, depressed. I'm not sure if it is the tough personal things I've been dealing with lately, having one of my toughest semesters yet, seeing friends hurt, the regular mass shootings, or the things rocking my home town that have resulted in my current mental state, but regardless there has been this sense of "offness" I have been feeling lately. A sense of offness that is leading me back to therapy, more because I'm scared of how this could escalate as school just continues to become more challenging in the coming months.

I'm getting off track.

The point is, walking into church to hear our first advent message last Sunday (I urge you to listen, it's pure GOLD), I was feeling lost. My relationship with God has been consistent and I feel connected to him, but I'm realizing that I forgot one of the most basic truths about Him. That he is our Father. That He brings hope that all broken things will one day be restored. He never promised us contentment in this world. But he did promise us hope. Sometimes he asks us to walk into things that hurt us and challenge us, but with greater purpose because He is good.

So, if you're walking into this holiday season feeling off or tired, I urge you to remember the hope that you have in Jesus. I urge you to guard your heart in whatever way you need, whether that's taking a break from social media or just simply saying "no" to family or friends and "yes" to God.

How do you stay focused on God's promises this time of year? A time when culture tells us we need more things instead of more Jesus?

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