Parts of My Life I am Happy with Right Now

Amy has really encouraged me to fight back against the offness in my life right now by sharing some of the things in my life that I am happy with right now. Fighting back isn't something I have done a lot of lately, and I know I really need to speak truth to myself right now. So, I'm taking stock of the things in my life that are happy and joyful right now:

I'm happy with... 

+ The hope that comes with advent and God's promises for us.
+ The friends that have been a light to me lately.
+ The new tattoo I got for my birthday (take a peek!).
+ Our upcoming trips out of the country. Yes, PLURAL!
+ The free time to pick up a book for pleasure instead of for work.
+ God bringing new people to our church.
+ The fact that classes are over until next semester.
+ My husband being a gem during a few particularly rough times this past month.
+ Rachel for helping me to cleanse my social media accounts.
+ This blog for giving me a place to be real and unload.

What things in your life are you happy with right now?

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