4 EASY Ways to Better Finances

You know you're an adult when you get excited about budgeting and saving money. Or maybe that's just how you know you're a graduate student... who knows.

M and I have recently gotten super serious about saving and I have found a few apps that make it SO much easier to save and even make a little extra cash! I already told you about Airbnb, so today I'll tell you about some of my other favorite easy ways to better finances.

1. Mint. Mint is a top-notch budgeting app that allows you to set budgets based on typical spending, set goals, and manage investments. M and I have a single account with all of our bank accounts listed so we can both stay on track with our monthly budget. It's great for keeping ourselves accountable, watching our spending trends, and being more mindful of long-term goals. We really love how easy to use and customizable it is!

2. Ibotta. Ibotta is a way to get cash back for everyday expenses. For example, you can unlock certain cash-back items from your local grocery store so that when you buy that item, all you do is scan the item and your receipt with your phone after purchasing and BOOM cash back. We recently got cash back for bananas, tomatoes, and onions. Things we buy all the time! You can transfer this cash to your paypal or use it to get a gift card (which is perfect for date night!). The app also has a feature where you can have "teammates" and work together for cash back. I might have a little too much fun with this one. If you sign up now you'll get $10 free!

3. Acorns. I just heard about Acorns and I'm still trying to figure it out. However, the app seems perfect for investing. You can choose to round up on your purchases and put the difference into savings, schedule recurring investments, or invest lump sums! It seems great for planning for things like retirement or buying your first home. There is a small fee associated with using the app which includes $1 a month for under $5,000 or 0.25% a year for those over $5,000. BUT it's free for students! I love the idea that I can round up on basic purchases while saving at the same time! A little bit can go a long way over many years! I would love if you used my referral code to sign up!

4. ThredUp. I mean, I have talked about ThredUp a ton before. I love ThredUp because you can sell back your used clothing and it's SO easy! I usually just go to Goodwill, so why not send them to ThredUp (for free) and have them donate what they won't buy? Sounds like a STELLAR plan to me. All you have to do is order a clean-up kit and throw it in the mail. It's seriously that easy. You'll get credit that you can cash out or use to buy new clothing items. I usually choose the latter since I don't have a huge budget for buying new clothes. It's the BEST. They even have plus size, maternity, and kids clothing! Sign up today and get $10 free!

Have you tried any of these apps? What are your favorite easy ways to better finances? I'd love to know!

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