Today I have teamed up with Tipsy Elves (they were on Shark Tank!) to bring a bit of fun back to the blogosphere. We all know the election can stir up lots of tension and emotions, so instead we are hoping to stir our patriotism in a different way: CAT CAVES!

Are you confused yet? Don't worry, I'll catch you up.

Tipsy Elves has a fun line of patriotic tops that are awesome and perfect for the upcoming July 4th holiday. Until May 31st, they will be donating 10% of all orders using the checkout code ‘CATS’  to the San Diego Humane Society, which provides cats of all ages the resources to live freely. Hence, CAT CAVES.

What is a cat cave you ask? Watch this short clip:

Tipsy Elves sent me THIS top to use in construction of my cat cave. Hilarious right? Here are my favorite cats chillin' in their cave. We are a big fan of adopting animals (you can probably tell since we have quite the collection) and one of these lucky cats is from our local humane society.

I urge you to consider supporting the Sand Diego Humane Society by purchasing one of these fun shirts with the code 'CATS.'

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