Farewell, Summer

Dear Summer,

I can't believe you're almost over. I'm usually quite sad to see you go, but this year I couldn't be more ready for you to go away.  Far away. This summer has been full of ups and downs. Ups like visiting New Orleans for the first time, celebrating two years of marriage, welcoming new babies into our community, and finding out we were pregnant. But the downs, man, these have been in a whole new league. My comprehensive exams, endless house/car repairs, personal struggles, family drama, and our miscarriage have seriously taken a toll on my mind and body.

I usually love summer because it means my program slows down. I can work from home here and there and I can focus more on self-care. Maybe even throw a vacation in there for good measure. Our town slows down when all the college students leave and we usually get to spend more time downtown and exploring. Sadly, this summer has been full of non-stop studying in my dungeon of an office, way too many hours in my lab, and not nearly enough self-care. It's so unlike me to prioritize school over things like self-care, but comprehensive exams broke me.

I'm so ready for the cooler weather that fall brings. I'm really looking forward to backyard BBQs, running outside without feeling like I'm dying/drowning in humidity, and the predictability of my school schedule. I'm looking forward to time passing for the sake of healing and for getting back to some sense of normality in our life.

This really wasn't our season and I'm praying that better seasons are ahead for us. This fall I'm really looking forward to some of the races I'm running, getting some more things checked off my school to-do list, and getting my weekends back so that I can spend time with my husband. It's bound to be a better season, right?

Farewell, summer. Until next year.

Are you looking forward to summer ending or begging it to stay around a little longer?

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