Sage Synopsis v. 7

//T H O U G H T S 

I have my oral defense for my comprehensive exams this afternoon and I'm so ready for this whole process to be over. If you think about it, please send some prayers for peace and a passing score my way!

It has been really nice to be blogging again. I sometimes struggle because blogging can feel a little ego-centric, but I try to remind myself that sharing our experiences with others can be encouraging and helpful. I think that is what has kept me coming back to this place after so many years despite thoughts of quitting all together.

//P O P U L A R  L A T E L Y

If you didn't notice, I added a running discounts page to my sidebar. Definitely check it out for some excellent race and product discounts! I'm updating it regularly so keep checking back and feel free to let me know if you're looking for something specific.

This post about introverts and the church has been shared a lot in the last few weeks. It is a topic I have been thinking about a lot lately and it was really nice to see that other's have felt similarly.

//G O O D  R E A D S

One of the projects I have been working on in graduate school has really caught on in the media. You can read more about that here

//A U D I B L E S 

I'm currently listening to "The Girl with All the Gifts" by M.R. Carey for this month's book club. So far I am really enjoying it. Have you read it before?

//I N S P I R E  

“The worst thing you can do with fear and anxiety is to pretend you’re too strong to have them. The best thing you can do is just to let Him be in charge of them. Because He’s in charge anyway. And in Him, you’re in His peace.” ― Matt Chandler, Recovering Redemption: A Gospel Saturated Perspective on How to Change

This video will MOVE you:
The Isaiah Project: A Pregnancy Loss Awareness Video from Truth She Carries on Vimeo.

//B L O G G E R  L O V E 

5 Tips for Working with Brands. Definitely a post worth checking out if you want to (or are already!) working with brans. 

I have followed Kate and her husband's adoption journey for years now and I was so thrilled to see that they were matched and should have a little babe by the end of the month!
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