Generation UCAN Snack Bars Review

Disclaimer: I received the Generation UCAN Snack Bars as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I'm going to preface this review with the fact that I am SUPER torn on these Generation UCAN snack bars. So, to help me be more clear about what I really loved and what I really didn't love, I'm going to the highlight some of the pros and cons of the UCAN Snack Bars.

1) The taste! I'm putting the taste in both pros and cons because I really like some flavors but didn't love the others. Chocolate and coffee were my favorite. I also really enjoyed the peach, even though it was really different from the others.

2) Sustained energy! I would take these to work, on long runs, you name it! They're super filling and have a ton of the right ingredients to ensure sustained energy. Even on super long rides and runs I didn't need to bring any fuel beyond one of these bars, which says a lot for me.

3) Texture. I also feel like the texture was kind of a con, because it was a little chalky. Interestingly enough, however, this made it easy to digest during a run or ride. I have a hard time chewing while working out, so this is a must. I noticed that some flavors were more chalky than others BUT if you rub them between your hands to warm them up before eating, they become less chalky! BAM!

1) The taste. The cinnamon swirl was disgusting and tasted absolutely artificial.

2) The texture. As mentioned above, they are a little chalky. This didn't bother me all the time, though.

Overall, I would definitely recommend giving these a shot. I know a lot of the other BibRave Pros had mixed feelings as well with some loving them, some hating them, and some feeling torn like I did. Seems like they're great for some and not for others, but they're at least worth a try in my opinion! Especially since the code BIBRAVE gets you 15% off!

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