Luvo Healthy Frozen Entrees

I recently had the opportunity to try Luvo's healthy frozen entrees. I'm not going to lie, at first I was skeptical because I'm not a huge fan of frozen meals and typically try to avoid them all together (hello wayyyyy too much sodium and zero freshness).

However, I have been nothing but pleased with my Luvo meals so far. First, their packaging is totally green, which I love. Second, they use steamazing technology which cooks your food ALL the way through without any of that nasty burning or frozen centers you find with other frozen meals. Learn more in the video below:

Third, their meals are healthy and fresh! They use antibiotic-free meat and poultry, and non-GMO ingredients whenever possible. Plus, the meals are nutrient dense and often pack in a ton of those macros! My favorite entrees include the chicken chile verde and roasted vegetable lasagna (see a full list HERE). So tasty! Fourth, they are so easy! Luvo will ship directly to your door (or you can buy in store), and the entrees only take about 8 minutes to prepare. 

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If you're trying to eat healthy or just looking for easy meals for those days that you are on the go, Luvo is definitely for you! I'm looking forward to trying their line of burritos when I run out of my current stash!
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