2016 in Review

I'm with the majority of people that seem to think 2016 was a particularly challenging year. Although I'm so ready to start 2017, I wanted to do a quick little recap of 2016 for my records.


This year I have really struggled with relationships. New relationships, old relationships, ending destructive ones, and ones that have changed drastically. I don't talk a lot about what I'm going to school for or my specific training, so I took a risk and wrote a bit about building relationships and ending destructive ones.


In February I traveled home to Arizona and participated in the 2016 Sedona Marathon Series 10K with my mom. I really miss living in Northern Arizona so it's always a joy when I get to return. I'll be participating again in 2017 and I can't wait!


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I actually didn't write a single blog post in March of 2016. Whoooops. However, in March we participated in True False Film Festival which is one of my favorite events of the year in our little town. My research also won first place at our Graduate Professional Council's Research and Creative Activities Forum! 


In April all of my childhood dreams came true and I saw Elton John live in Las Vegas. I can officially die happy now. I wrote a bit about how blogging felt icky to me lately. I hate that it still kind of feels that way almost a year later. I also talked a little about our journey with Airbnb hosting and wrote one of my top viewed posts of the year: Dear Atheist Self.


May was the start of my comprehensive exams crackdown (aka when I started to lose some of my sanity). Despite that, I still managed to run 20 miles for United Relay!


The comps crackdown and loss of my sanity continues. In June I traveled to New Orleans for a conference, which was a complete blast! We celebrated two years of marriage and I struggled with some family stuff. I also continued to do quite a bit of running with the Hospital Hill 10K at the top of my list! Despite this being a crazy year, I ended the year with 400 running miles which I'm really happy with.


Another month of blogger fails. I basically spent the entire month cooped up in our office staring at my computer screen. Joy! There were a few high points for the month, like a sweet friend from church bringing me study treats! At the end of the month we found out we were expecting.


The week before my comprehensive exams, we had a miscarriage. Despite this tragedy, I completed and passed my comprehensive exams on the first try! This was a really, really hard month(s) for us personally, professionally, and with our church. 


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I continued to really struggle with our miscarriage well into September and beyond. I also attended by first MIZZOU football game and did a ton more running in preparation for my half marathon in October.


In October we had Roots 'N' Blues 'N' BBQ, our favorite local music festival! The final day of the festival, we found out I was pregnant again. Cue a million mixed feelings. We visited some of our family in southern Missouri and I ran the Urban Bourbon Half Marathon in Louisville at 6 weeks pregnant. I also wrote about my new understanding of why people don't talk about miscarriage.


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Another month of zero blog posts. In November I struggled with a lot of fear and anxiety about losing my current pregnancy. Around the end of November when I was about 11 weeks, we finally told our families which was exciting but also scary. We also traveled home to Arizona for the holiday where we got to visit with family and I met my uncle and his family for the first time in my life!


We celebrated my birthday and shared we were expecting in June, 2017! I participated in a 5K at 13 weeks pregnant. We celebrated Christmas at home just the two of us which was really nice. 

What were the highs and lows of your year?
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