Sage Synopsis v. 10

//T H O U G H T S 

What is going on with this crazy weather? It's almost like something is happening to the planet... Anyways, it was seriously a high of 72 yesterday and tomorrow we are supposed to get a few inches of snow. What is this nonsense?! 

I really enjoyed celebrating International Women's Day this year. Although I wasn't able to participate in A Day Without A Woman, I felt like I still kicked some major ass on Wednesday. I was able to give a Grand Rounds presentation in a male-dominated department in on campus which was really empowering. I hope, as women, we continue to empower one another, even if that empowerment looks different for each of us. 

//P O P U L A R  L A T E L Y

Betsy joined us last week to talk a bit about Judaism. It was really nice to have a different voice on the blog and I was really encouraged by some of the dialogue it started in the comments section. 

On Monday I shared 6 must-see documentaries that I discovered last weekend at the True/False Film Festival. I am still having all sorts of feels from last weekend. I'm so thankful for some of the hard conversations that these films have started with our friends. 

//G O O D  R E A D S

Our missional community leaders at church just started going through Gospel Fluency together and it has been really good for me. I have been thinking a lot more about how I speak truth into the lives of others and how my conversations do or do not point to Christ. I am a problem-solver by nature so I'm trying to be conscious of just speaking truth and pointing people to Jesus rather than trying to offer solutions. I highly recommend this book!

Don't Tell Me What Strong Looks Like. Talk about badass women. Kelly Roberts talks a bit about what it's like to be a runner that might not look like the "typical" runner and how she found a way to embrace her own strength in the midst of that.

//A U D I B L E S 

If you loved Serial and you're into politics, you love The 45th. It's all about the Trump Administration and what is happening in the White House.

A friend recently suggested the podcast With Friends Like These to me and I love it. Since the election I have had this lingering feeling that I don't have enough diverse political opinions in my life. This podcast brings in guests from liberal and conservative backgrounds to talk about politics, social justice, and the like. It brings together a diverse group of voices that we might not otherwise hear in our current bubbles.

//I N S P I R E 

//B L O G G E R  L O V E 

When You Don't Know What to Say by The Lady Okie. In this post, Amanda writes a letter to her friend who recently had a miscarriage. I cannot even tell you how meaningful it would have been to have more friends say these words to me after my own miscarriage.

Avoiding Racial Conversations In Interracial Relationships Isn’t An Option In Trump’s America. This was an important read about a topic that I don't often think a lot about. In the next few months I'll have a great guest post on the topic of interracial relationships. I hope you'll come back and read!

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