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Most of my active life is done solo (with the exception of my dog). The majority of my runs, hikes, and bike rides are alone. That's why it's so important for me to practice various safety behaviors, such as wearing my RoadID. RoadID is an identification band that has your important personal information on it.

My RoadID includes my full name, DOB, emergency contacts, and important medical history such as No Known Allergies (NKA). Should anything ever happen to me, someone should be able to look at my wristband and have all of the relevant information they need to contact my loved ones and make sure I am safe.

RoadID is great because they have a ton of different styles that fit a variety of needs. For example, they have wristbands (such as mine), IDs for your shoe laces, IDs for pets, and IDs that attach to the fitness band you already own (hello Apple Watch and FitBit users!). Each ID has a variety of options in terms of band color, plate color, and the information you want to include.

Before I got my wrist ID, I had one for my laces. I have to say that although I LOVE my new wristband, I find that the shoe lace ID is better for my personal needs because I don't always remember to put my wristband on. With the shoe lace ID, you never have to worry about forgetting to put it on. However, what I love about the wristband is that it's lightweight, easy to put on, and comfortable.

The best part about the RoadID is that it's affordable. Despite how affordable it is, the quality is not lacking! I have had my shoe ID for going on 8 years and it's still as solid as ever. It has endured thousands of miles and dozens of pair of shoes! Click here to get $5 off a RoadID of your own!

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