Adidas Ultra Boost X Running Shoes Review

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Ladies, this one is for you.

Although there hasn't been much running happening on these fronts lately (hello, super pregnant), I have been able to walk a lot. The Adidas Ultra Boost X shoes have been a complete lifesaver. I'm not quite sure how to describe them, because they're unlike any other running shoe I have tried. There are two features that are particularly noteworthy: (1) the boost technology cushioning material and (2) the stretch web technology. Together, these produce a super responsive and lightweight shoe that I have become a pretty big fan of.

The shoes are a little strange the first time you wear them because they're kind of like compression shoes. They can be a little tough to get on because the fit so snugly (a feature I love). The stretch web technology means they grip your feet in all the right places but also offer a lot of comfort and air flow which is super important this time of year. The one thing I find tricky about these shoes is that when I take them off, the insoles tend to slip out because my foot was in there so tight. It isn't hard just to put the insole back in, but it can get slightly annoying.

I must also say that these shoes have been so kind to my swollen pregnant feet. Because of the mesh and their responsiveness, they work really well with how unpredictable my feet are lately. They're also great for a range of activities besides running, so if that isn't your thing, don't count yourself out. I can't wait to actually start running in them in a few months when I'm back to running again. 

Overall, I highly recommend these shoes. I would encourage you to head out to your nearest Dick's Sporting Goods store to try on a pair today. You want to make sure these shoes are right for you as they are a little unique!

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