Kansas City Marathon Recap

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Last Saturday I participated in the Kansas City Marathon Series. Before you think, wow she's awesome, I did the 5K. Well, sort of. Let me explain.

A little less than a year ago I signed up for the 10K knowing that I would be 4 months postpartum. That was a little optimistic because I've only been able to run about 3 miles since having Asa in June. So, at the expo the night before, I changed to the 5K. I felt really good about the decision and was just excited to race, regardless of distance.

The next morning, I somehow started with the 10k group. So, long story short, I ended up running about 8K. Despite this little mistake, I felt great the whole time and was really happy with my time. It was so nice to get back to racing.

So, onto the race itself:

Expo: The expo was alright. It was at Union Station in Kansas City which is BEAUTIFUL. The parking was free, so that was a plus. We were able to get in and out relatively quickly. However, the expo was basically the same as all others and nothing in particular stood out about it.

Swag: As part of your registration you got a virtual swag bag and a t-shirt. The t-shirts were TINY this year and I'm so glad one of the helpful volunteers suggested I go a size up because even the size up was tight on me. I don't think I'll use anything from the virtual swag bag.

Course: Excellent! I love running in cities and KC is beautiful. The course was super hilly (as anticipated) but since the roads are so wide, there was a ton of space to spread out. The aid stations were sufficient and stocked with electrolyte drinks and water with plenty of volunteers. The course was clearly marked.

Race Management: Well, there was a lot of construction near the course parking lots which made it hard to find parking. I wish the race website would have mentioned this ahead of time so we didn't spend an extra 20 minutes trying to figure out how to access the parking lots with all the road closures. Part of the reason I started with the wrong group was because the 10K started late, which made me think it was the 5K start. I should have been paying better attention but I really dislike when races start late.

Otherwise, we got free race photos which is always a plus, the snacks at the end of the race were decent (apples, bananas, water), and the medals were AWESOME. I am in love with the medals. The post-race party was also pretty cool and they were serving various free drinks (beer, dasani sparkling water) and Chik-Fil-A.

Overall, a pretty decent race that I would definitely participate in again.


SKINS Compression A400

Disclaimer: I received a pair of SKINS Compression A400 tights to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews! 

I recently tested a pair of SKINS Women's A400 Compression 3/4 Tights and LOVED them. SKINS A400 compression sportswear is designed to boost competitive athletes’ natural performance by providing more oxygen to their active muscles using dynamic gradient compression. You can wear your A400s while you warm up to get your blood flowing, while you train to minimize the risk of injury before race day, and while you compete so you can push your body that little bit harder for longer when it counts.This video has a ton of helpful information:

These SKINS tights came at the perfect time because my postpartum body needs some serious stretchy material (and tummy control). Since I'm not back to running full time, I really tested out these tights in a variety of situations. I took them running, walking, hiking, camping, you name it. They stood up to the test in every instance. They were cool, dry, lightweight, and COMFORTABLE (my number one criterion).

Something to note is that they are meant to be hang dried, which I don't love. I also noticed some fraying along the seams of the tights after a few wears/washes, but the tights still seemed to be intact. Overall, they're excellent tights and I'd highly recommend them.

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